The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

The sequel to Dorothy Must Die see’s us return to Oz to follow on Amy Gumm’s journey to kill Dorothy Gale and return Oz back to its glory.

It might have taken over a year to buy the second book but I have finally brought it and my oh my what a sequel it is…

I didn’t re-read Dorothy Must Die before getting on with the second book but I didn’t really need to. The first book remained so well in my memory it didn’t feel like well over a year since I read it. The Wicked Will Rise started right where we left it with Amy Gumm escaping the Emerald City after failing to kill Dorothy.

Instantly I was gripped by the book and didn’t want to put it down, at one point I even got a phone call from work asking me to come in for a extra shift and nearly said no just to carry on reading, and whilst I didn’t like some of the characters as much as I did in the first or care much for some of the ones we met it was still a roller coaster of emotions and actions that had me hooked completely.

At first I worried that everything was going really fast, at the end of the first book I felt like we hadn’t had enough time and was just teased with the very beginning of the story. When Amy took the Tinman’s heart just to find out she had to get the Lion’s courage and the Scarecrow’s brains I thought this story was going to focus on this hunt. Instead it didn’t take long for Amy to gain the Lion’s courage and by the end all three items had been taken by either her or Dorothy and it turned out the story was much MUCH more then watching Amy trying to destroy Dorothy.

Its a story of Amy finding herself. A story of whether or not Amy could look into the darkness and still be her or whether she’d follow a similar path to Dorothy and end up just as evil.

That story was so interesting to watch unravel. Whilst it was frustrating as anything watching Amy not learn from her mistakes, knowing that she was making such terrible decisions, you knew they were mistakes that had to be made. Her decent from innocent Amy doing what was best to help into the Wicked Witch Amy whose power was based in darkness was a depressing and sad journey but at the same time such a realistic one. After all her job was to kill and dismember people, you can’t stay innocent forever.

Who Amy is probably was the biggest part of this book and by the end I think we saw yet another transformation, not a physical one like we did very close to the end but a transformation all the same.

How close to Dorothy is she?

Will she become Wicked?

Or will she become something else?

Its Amy’s story that really drives the whole book whilst the twisting reality she finds herself in just kind of keeps happening around her. We get to meet Queen Lulu, Queen of the Wingless ones. Polychrome, cousin to Ozma and Mistress of Rainbow Falls. Bright, a man who always gets lost. Like with every other character they are mad but in that dangerous way that everything is either mad or crazy in Oz.

By the end of the book everything has changed once more and everything Amy probably think she knew is once more changing.

I can’t wait to read the third book, its gotten to the point I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next.

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