Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Todoroki vs Bakugo

Episode 25

Todoroki vs Bakugou (轟VS爆豪)

Probably THE match up. Which of Class A will come out on top?

I take back what I said in the last review by the time the flashback to how Katsuki got here had finished I truly wanted him to win. I remembered that bloody speech and how it fired everyone up, how Class B eyed him up in the second battle because he’d pissed everyone off and just how everyone always treats him like the villain because he’s over the top and aggressive. OK he’s also a bully but he’s also actually very talented and deserves the praise he gets and to be where he is.

There is a lot of jealousy and other emotions bubbling up inside him. I’ve always thought he’d be a interesting character because he walks that line that could throw him one way or the other so thinly. He spouted a lot of the same shit that Midoriya usually does in the match against Todoroki because he wanted to fight him at 100% LIKE Midoriya, the problem is he’s a loud mouth whilst Midoriya has that emo side to him.

Whilst the fight was short it was the best of the whole tournament by far. I would have liked Todoroki’s story to be told away from Midoriya because even though he said himself that he has to think about these things and we’re setting up for him to find himself in the match you did kind of feel like he got over his past a little so maybe would fight Katsuki fully.

The award ceremony was worth every second of this series with Katsuki tied up because he couldn’t be trusted and All Might having to put his medal in his mouth, even funnier that when they returned to class he still had it there.

Heart break for Iida when he goes to see his big brother, I’m sad for Iida because I think he’s a great character. It was a very impactful event and in a grim way the perfect character to have in that predicament.

Nice that Todoroki has gone to see his mum though and I can’t wait for more of him. I can’t get enough of learning about him, like this whole series has really been his series yet I still want to know more of him.


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