Death Note : Silence

Episode 25

Chinmoku (沈黙)

Light is fully aware of everything that is happening. Misa is fully aware and once more has her Shinigami eyes. I honestly believe that L knows what is happening but will walk to his death anyway.

This might be a sad episode.

Honestly I believe that L knows more about the Notebook then he’s letting on but it doesn’t matter right now because he’s dead. His death has to play a bigger part right? I mean he always seemed to be a step ahead of Light even if Light was shown to be further ahead of him….

I just don’t want to see L lose. I mean even if he’s dead he might not lose. Right?

We’ve also lost Rem.

Plus Watari.

Once more it got on my nerves that Rem played along. I mean I get it, she’s in love with Misa. I honestly do get that but at the same time it just bugged me to death. It bugs me how easily Rem has been to manipulate all this time, sure she figures things out but she never thinks for herself. Always the way to go is to simply do what she knew Light wanted to happen because she’s worried that something will happen to Misa.

It was a rather round about way to go to kill L but yeah. It happened.

Of course Light is already thinking about how he’s going to carry on to create his new world, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. The task force knows there is at least one more Kira because of him getting Misa to kill again, they aren’t stupid enough not to figure out what happened with the Shinigami either. They are so blinded by not wanting it to be Light or Misa though that I can’t see them getting anywhere without someone else opening their eyes. They trusted L but still screamed till they were blue in the face that Light and Misa were innocent. Not one of them truly thinks like a cop, surely the fact that everything that has happened has happened purely to exonerate Light and Misa would ring alarm bells in any experienced cops mind. Whilst you have to follow the evidence it also doesn’t fit together as nicely as they’ve forced themselves to believe.

I’d like to think something is going to happen. We’ve still got over 10 episodes and it can’t all be just Light taking over the world. L can’t die in vain.

I’m too upset to put to words how I feel right now.


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