Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Fight on, Iida

Episode 24

Iida-kun Fight (飯田くんファイト)

So with Todoroki going through I guess we’re quickly going to find out who is going through next. With Iida’s name in the title I expect a interesting fight from him.

It was a quick look at all the matches till we get to the final which is going to be Todoroki vs Katsuki.

It continues to be a pretty sad time for the heroes though. Midoriya is so beat up that some of his wounds won’t heal properly this time and the nurse has refused to help him in future trying to force All Might into actually helping Midoriya work his Quirk properly. She also tells All Might to stop encouraging him and praising him when he’s putting his body on the line but All Might doesn’t really listen. I mean he doesn’t praise him, when Midoriya goes all emo on him he tries to talk him back around which I guess he has to do but it was boring.

I’m pretty sure I liked Midoriya in the first season but I’ve found him so boring in this one. Every time he speaks he pretty much says the same thing over and over again, he’s a walking controversy as well with his meddling but not meaning to meddle. I don’t really care about him anymore. It isn’t even because he has a poor background story or anything he’s just so boring.

Iida performs well until he comes face to face with Todoroki, he’s now the second person to put a blow on him after kicking him.

Sadly whilst he is performing his brother is attacked, I didn’t catch if they actually confirmed his brother was killed but I’m guessing they did say that and I just missed it. The person who killed him is the hero killer Stain who now seemingly joins up with the larger group of villains. I’m guessing shenanigans from them before the tournament ends.

The perfect final for me though. Obviously I want to see Todoroki win but Katsuki winning would also be pretty awesome. I find them interesting characters with interesting personalities. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out the victor. It’ll also be interesting to see if there is a end. I have a feeling they might be disrupted, I hope not. As the season is only at the midway point I’m kind of hoping that seeing what the bad guys are up to is foreshadowing what will come in the second half. After all don’t all three years have their own section in the games? That means they could interrupt during the finals for the third years. Either way I want to see who comes out on top in this match.


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