Pride Promotions : Live in Taunton!

I think I said in the UPW review that Taunton tends to be rather special. I met RVD, Scott Hall and Cody Rhodes there and now we are going to a new venue at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre to see Simon Grimm, formerly Simon Gotch of WWE’s Vaudevillains and as most of you know the only reason I watched and reviewed NXT back in the day and one of my absolute favourite wrestlers currently in the world.

Also in case you didn’t see the post about Photobucket there will no longer be photos in the reviews as you have to pay for third party hosting. I have instead uploaded a ton more photos into individual match albums on our Facebook page and will slowly upload all past events onto Facebook too so please like the Facebook page not only for updates but for all my millions and millions of photos.

Winners : House of Bones
Photo Album : Match 1 (84 Photos)

Interesting opening contest. It was fun to see Lomaxx and Gideon together again and they worked perfectly against the barrage of comedy antics being thrown at them by Ryan and James. In the end though it was Laura James that ultimately impressed whilst the others struggled not to touch Joey Ryan’s penis.

Typical Joey Ryan match in other words.

Was seriously impressed with James, I’ve never seen her fight before and she was really good. I loved how she was just really unimpressed with the size difference between her and Lomaxx and I think it proved my point on intergender wrestling as it was a very believable match and she used her speed and momentum to get the advantage on Lomaxx whilst in the end it was just the size difference that gained Lomaxx the victory. She was treated just like another competitor and the people loved it and its how intergender wrestling should be.

It was a fun match to start the night off with, got the whole venue giggling away to themselves but not much really happened. It didn’t need too though as it was just fun, actually grimaced when Lomaxx launched himself at James, that man is not elegant when he flies but it does look deadly which is what it needs to look like.

Winner : Tyler Hawke
Photo Album : Match 2 (56 Photos)

Was a truly entertaining match. I didn’t get to see Tyler win the championship in the first place but he is the perfect guy to be holding it. Hellmer is such a awesome in ring competitor too and they worked really well together. I liked how Hellmer was given the chance to go on the mic before the match and just berate the crowd for being English, it was a nice touch which Pride don’t always do but it worked so well. It would be easy for him to try and portray the bad guy in the match but people just being awed by his skill so having him come out and insult the crowd made it so much more interesting as a battle.

It was a very well paced match that showed off the talents of both. Tyler looked much more focused then he has for most of the year, you could feel the energy coming from him as he played to the crowd to keep us cheering him on as well as keep the action going smoothly.

Wasn’t the most exciting match but I did love how much more technical Tyler was and the joint manipulation on the hand on the final submission was brilliant, it showed a much more ruthless streak to his character.

Hellmer put up a good fight though and he’s been a extremely fun wrestler to watch since I first saw him down in Falmouth. This was by far the best match I’ve seen him in.

Winner : Ultimo Tiger
Photo Album : Match 3 (125 Photos)

Three very different styles of wrestling that probably shouldn’t have worked so well together but which put on a show stealing performance.

Never seen Eddie Dennis before but man was he impressive, I think I liked him most out of the three of them, and everyone knows how much I love Ultimo Tiger, but the way he manhandled the two of them was just amazing. When he had Tiger on his shoulders then scooped up Hard Flyer in his arms it was astonishing. Just the strength on him. Also when he used Hard Flyer as a weapon against Tiger. Its kind of my favourite thing in wrestling I think.

I mean Hard Flyer was seriously impressive, the guy moves at about 100 miles a minute and can do every flip known to man. He whizzed around and gave me a headache. Between the two of them Tiger might have just not bothered being in the match at all. Its the first time I can honestly say I was disappointed he won a match because he was just completely overshadowed in every way.

Was nice of Eddie Dennis to try and move us in time for Tiger to come flying out of the ring, there wasn’t really enough space for all the flying outside the ring and I nearly got myself a boot in my face when I did try and move. Very impressive match from all three of them.

Winner : Simon Grimm
Photo Album : Match 4 (143 Photos)

A dream match I never knew I wanted until Pride announced it was happening. It was just a damn good wrestling match, whilst it didn’t have the flashy stuff of the triple threat it had much more just pure wrestling content in it and it was a pleasure to watch.

Grimm is such a fascinating wrestler to watch in the ring, he has so much more to see then you’d think having seen him in NXT/SmackDown, I was a fan anyway but after seeing him in this match I can honestly say he became one of my all time favourite wrestlers. I loved how they worked in such perfect tandem with each other, each of them easily reversing the other.

Winner : Eddie Ryan
Photo Album : Match 5 (94 Photos)

Not just a re-match of their epic match in Plymouth but it felt like a complete rehash of it. Didn’t stop the match from being just as fun and impressive though. It even had the comedy bum moment in it too.

Its just a match up you could watch all the time. Their styles suit each other so well. I’d like to see a third match between the two at some point maybe minus the comedy bum bit and with a little more tension behind it. They have so much respect for each other in the ring and it shows. Neither really got a one up on the other in the match, one feat of strength was matched nearly instantly with another. Ryan is always so fluid in the ring anyway but Maxted is starting to get there himself.

I loved how graceful Ryan looked when he flipped over Maxted in the corner, I usually fear for his life when he gets on the ropes but it was a beautifully timed moved, similarly for such a tall guy with the build he has Adam really does the high flying moves so well. I mean forget the drop kicks for the moment, if Adam launches himself off the ropes and comes flying at someone he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Their first match was better this one felt a little safer and didn’t really feel like it picked up steam. Still a top class match from two amazing athletes.

Winners : Chris Andrews & Carlito
Photo Album : Main Event (129 Photos)

Two interesting teams. Loving The Professionals, actually a very good use of Knott and Redman and I’m pretty sure it’ll make Redman much more interesting then when he’s on his own. Funny main event though, it felt like a bit of a let down after some of the matches before it.

In a way it was quite a fast match, neither team really got that much of a upper hand. The Professionals didn’t cheat as much as you’d think they would and neither of them were truly a match for either Andrews or Carlito. In a way I felt like I was just waiting to see when Carlito went to grab for the apple more then pay attention to the match which was good.

I don’t like Joel Redman much I find him boring to watch in the ring, he’s better in a tag team especially with someone as fun to watch as Josh Knott but I live for watching Chris Andrews just chuck people around so it was a bit of a mismatch for me that just didn’t work at all. Still a good match but maybe just following some of the amazing matches that came before it in the end it didn’t quite end the night with a bang.

Quite sad that Carlito spit his apple in Knott’s face and not Redmans. There was still Sunday to go though! Still Sunday…..


I didn’t bother with the Joey Ryan and Carlito signing before the show, we had a bit of a mix up with our tickets and by the time we’d sorted it out I couldn’t be bothered. The post-show meet and greet was excellent though, they had both in a room off to the side and whilst there weren’t that many of the stars of the night there I was really only there to see Simon Grimm and that was more then just a excellent experience.

Like unless you read my NXT reviews way back when you might not realise how much of a huge fan I was of Simon Gotch, like not even the Vaudevillains even. I love Tag Team wrestling and I loved the team but Gotch was pretty much the one that drew me to the team. Getting to shake his hand at ringside as he left because he noticed me wearing his t-shirt and then shaking his hand again at the Meet and Greet and just getting to meet him period was probably the best experience ever. Better then seeing The Hurricane, better then meeting Rhino and even better then watching Raven chase my niece around to stop her crying and get a photo with her. I’ve met so many famous faces, so many legends, yet I honestly think nothing will ever top meeting Simon Grimm. I mean I met Cody Rhodes not that long ago and THAT wasn’t as amazing as meeting Simon Grimm, I was crying all the way back to Plymouth. Words will never explain how grateful I am to Pride for bringing him down here and there are no words for how amazing he is. I couldn’t even speak to him, not that that really surprises anyone I’m not sure I can actually talk to anyone in general.

Also Adam remembers reading me talk about how wonderful his drop kicks are. Dude still has the most beautiful drop kick I’ve seen. Still getting better every time I see him and truly deserves to go very far. Becoming a very big fan of Adam Maxted and can’t wait to see where his career leads him.


Really I loved the whole evening. Think the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre is one of my all time favourite venues I’ve been to see wrestling in. Pride did a great job of organising everything once more as well.

Really can’t put into words how special seeing Simon Grimm was, I didn’t even realise how much of a fan of his I was until he came down to the ring. I honestly implore everyone to go see Simon Grimm if he shows up at a indie close to you. I mean I was a fan before anyway, always have adored him and his ability to create characters that connect with the audience, but as a singles competitor which you didn’t really get to see on NXT or WWE TV he can show off such a wide range of his talent you might not have seen before. The guy is incredibly talented and trust me if there is ever a Williams/Grimm re-match you NEED to see it (or just buy the DVD when it comes out because you know… DVDs are a thing) because they were brilliant against each other.

I’m going to award the match of the night to the triple threat because it was a incredible blend of three different styles from the high flyers right to the hard hitters but personally Williams vs Grimm is pretty much my perfect kind of wrestling match. I could watch it all day long. It made me even more of a fan of Simon Grimm’s if that was even bloody possible and just made me so glad we have a legend like Doug Williams gracing us with his presence down here in the West-Country.

Whilst not all the matches were the best of the best I think this has to be one of the most fun events I’ve been to just because it wasn’t like a overload to the senses but everything was brilliant. Two of the Six matches were just phenomenal the others were absolutely brilliant. The regular Pride roster really shone next to the international stars they brought in as they usually do but you could also see Pride working hard on bringing everything to the forefront. At Christmas time they made a big deal of the tag teams just to not really say or do much with them this year from what I’ve seen but even though the tag team championship wasn’t on the line it was the first time I felt like I was being reminded that there were in fact tag team championships and Tyler Hawke was one half of the team holding the trophies. It very much felt like Pride were making a statement, what that statement was I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I hate travelling to Taunton, I hate it with a passion but I always ALWAYS love shows up there. Its like everyone who puts on a show in Taunton turns the dial to 11. Absolutely fantastic evening all around.

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We’ll have Heroes & Legends 5 review up within hopefully the next 24 hours and after this I will hopefully be going along to their Cruiser weight Tournament in October here in Plymouth.

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    1. Under each event where it says photo album it should take you the the album on Facebook that has them all in! Will have a look at imageshack at some point but to be honest posting them on Facebook has given me the chance to post more of them and a easier way for some of the wrestlers to nab them if they want them.

      1. Makes sense to me, Anna. Just thought I’d mention it. Great review as ever. I was very happy to be there, and by the same token, annoyed I missed the rest of the weekend.

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