Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Shoto Todoroki : Origin

Episode 23

Todoroki Shouto: Origin (轟焦凍:オリジン)

Its the big showdown we’ve been waiting for I guess as Todoroki and Midoryia square off. Midoriya won the obstacle course which Todoroki absolutely dominated until the last hurdle and then Todoroki won the Cavalry Battle in amazing fashion.

For me there can only be one winner but I’m ready to be disappointed.

I wasn’t disappointed by the match itself but I was disappointed that I had to listen to Midoriya. Like I get what he was doing trying to help Todoroki realise that he doesn’t have to hide half his power because its his to use not his fathers but it was uncomfortable to watch as the past of Todoroki flashed by. Seeing his father beat him and his mother, seeing his mother disfigure him and hearing her reasons why…

I know Midoriya doesn’t know the full story but it isn’t something I want a happy ending to. I don’t want Todoroki to be happy about Midoriya unleashing his full potential for him because he’s a victim of actual child abuse and torture and there isn’t a single thing about what Midoriya was yelling that meant anything. He just annoys me when he gets like that.

In the end Todoroki wins but I would have liked to see him win in a more dominant way.

Midoriya can’t use his power to any great extent as well yet and he really injured himself, there needs to be a lesson to this because it was really and truly the worst thing to have to witness.

I don’t know.

It was uncomfortable viewing. Todoroki is a cool character with the absolute most heartbreaking of backstories and I feel so sorry for the guy. The series is getting much more serious then I ever thought it would be but I have a feeling that the story of Todoroki isn’t going to really be handled any better then this.

I didn’t like it much.

The match was cool though.


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