Death Note : Revival

Episode 24

Fukkatsu (復活)

It isn’t hard to guess what the revival is going to be. With Higuchi caught, the Notebook in police hands and all the evidence to what is going on being seen by L, Light and Misa it can’t be long before L figures it all out.

Or at least a lot of it anyway.

It isn’t even that hard, everyone gets their hands on the Notebook and see’s Rem and when Light gets his hands on it he remembers everything including the fact that if he hasn’t got full ownership his memories will disappear as soon as he lets go of it, so whilst holding it he uses the piece of Notebook paper he has in his watch to kill Higuchi and take full ownership of the Notebook.

The difference between Light without the Notebook and with it is shown off to its absolute worse in the episode. From intelligent and lovely young guy to dude with a god complex killing everyone.

So the game has taken a completely unfair tip in Light’s favour. Not only does he know what he’s doing again but Misa knows, Ryuk is back and even though I guess Rem won’t be happy that Misa has lost another half of her already halved life just to help Light there is no helping it. Unless L keeps his distance from Misa, which there is no reason why he should now he’s agreed that she and Light are actually innocent, he’s dead.

It was actually a very helpful episode because as you all know I took a long time between episode 21 and 22 and I didn’t remember the stark difference between the two Lights. Its that old saying about height, you don’t see people growing if you see them every day but if someone doesn’t see them for a few months the difference is obvious. Its the same with Light, we saw his thought process going from a guy bewildered by what he had found, doing what he believed was right to absolute god complex. OK it wasn’t a slow thing but we saw it happen. The subtle differences in a way got lost because it was just the Light we knew from episode one and the way he’d grown as a character.

Forgetting all that and being re-introduced to good Light just for bad Light to be whacked right in front of you shows just how subtle that difference was and to prove that there isn’t anything rotten inside of Light but that power really does just corrode away. You might think you are doing something good for the world but all you’ve done is become a bad person yourself and convinced yourself otherwise.

On the other hand whilst I don’t think, from what little I remember, I ever agreed with Light or liked him particularly I find now that I’ve had all this time in between watching his thought process and just seeing what happens next I have come to loathe him. The fact that he’s smart enough that he could do anything to help the world and yet he’s let his mind go to the simplest of things, killing in a supernatural way, just makes you mad. He’s become even more unlikable with just a big blast of character change when you haven’t been watching him for so long.

Like I found him intriguing because its a thought on the human moral compass really. He did what he did to make the world a better place. Whilst that is still at the heart of it the speech about him being god, the lengths his plan went to just to make sure he got the upper hand on ONE PERSON… And that ONE PERSON would never have probably thought he was Kira if he’d kept his fucking shit together when he was being followed by a FBI agent… It just makes you sick because deep down you don’t know if given the same resources you wouldn’t end up like him.

There are many people we label as evil in this world and we want the worst to happen to them but if we’re strong enough to write their name in the Death Note just that one singular time we’re already on the path that Light, a intelligent and thoughtful young man, has gone down. What says we wouldn’t end up with a god complex? You’d like to think you are the better person but to be honest Light is more a mirror on what this kind of power would do to anyone and its scary to look at someone go instantly from, albeit a rather intelligent, normal young man to blood thirsty murderer in seconds.

I just really don’t want to lose L and by the episode preview it looks like he’s a goner….


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