Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Battle on, Challengers!

Episode 21

Furue! Challenger (奮え!チャレンジャー)

Not that it surprises anyone but Midoriya and Todoroki are through to the second round, they’ll face each other in the next round which is worrying for me. Todoroki’s power is something else and I don’t really want to see Midoriya beat him.

We’ll see.

The battles that follow are interesting to say the least.

Kaminari over uses his powers trying to defeat Shiozaki whose power is that her hair is vines that can detach or grow. The match was funny and showed that Kaminari is just a fool.

Iida ends up being a marketing ploy for Hatsumi who leaves the arena after showing off all her gadgets.

Mina defeats Aoyama quite easily after remembering he can’t use his laser for longer then a second then knocking him out.

Tokoyami forces Yaoyorozu out of bounds by attacking her shield and forcing her backwards, I really thought that it was going to be a really interesting match but Yaoyorozu didn’t get a chance.

We didn’t get to see much of Kirishima and Tetsutetsu. Their powers are matched, the joke being they are pretty much identical, but I quite like Kirishima and even though it was just a punching fest it was kind of more interesting then some of the others but wasn’t as important as Uraraka getting over her nerves of facing Katsuki.

I love that Kirishima and Tetsutetsu ended in a draw and they were going to wait for both to wake up before making them do something less fighty like a arm wrestling match, I do hope that Kirishima goes through or else both just get kicked out for being pretty much the same person.

The episode ended hyping up the first big match of the tournament from our perspective. Of course we want to see the Class A guys we’ve grown close to come face to face with each other, I don’t think Uraraka vs Katsuki was the match I was waiting for but it is a interesting one at that. Katsuki doesn’t know how to hold back and Uraraka doesn’t really have a offensive ability so can’t just run in and try to fight him.

It’ll be interesting if Uraraka comes up with a good plan that actually gives Katsuki a bit of a fight, then again sadly this also means that Katsuki, who I’m sure is going through as whoever wins this if they get to the final will meet Midoriya or Todoroki, will have more of a fight then the others they have to fight will have had.

I can’t wait for the match though. A part of me wants Uraraka to win even though I like Katsuki more. It would be interesting to see how Katsuki would get over that kind of defeat.



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