Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Victory or Defeat

Episode 20

Kachimake (勝ち負け)

So the first fight of the last 16 is Midoriya vs Shinsou. What is the power that Shinsou holds and why isn’t Midoriya fighting?

So Shinsou’s Quirk is brainwashing meaning if you answer his question he’ll be able to make you do whatever it is that he wants. He very nearly wins but of course One for All rears its ugly head with a get out clause that makes little sense. The people who held the power in the past made his fingers explode giving him the shock to come out of it and in true Midoriya fashion the ending to this match was ridiculously boring.

He pushes Shinsou out of the boundaries in the most pathetic way.

Shinso is really interesting. He could go either way when it comes to hero or villain. He seems determined to prove people wrong and be a good guy because everyone who hears of his power automatically thinks he’ll be a villain.

That determination might be good for him but at the same time constantly being feared and not strengthening himself is going to be a bad thing but now I feel bad that I thought he’d make a good bad guy.

He joins Todoroki and Katsuki as my favourite just because of that grim determination and me wondering where he’ll end up down the line. I still think he looks like a villain more then anyone but I like that his story is that he wants to prove that his Quirk can be used for good as well. Really loved that the heroes after his match were really into his Quirk and thought he’d make a decent hero too. Nothing like a happy ending.

Not that Todoroki is going to have a happy anything. More information on him is that he has siblings and he’s the strongest of them all, he still refuses to use his dads side to fight with and goes overboard with his Ice power to win his match in fantastical fashion. His dad said something about over using his mums power which makes me worry about him in the tournament because if he’s using too much power all the time he could get hurt.

It was a OK episode but nothing to write home about. I like that we’re getting to see some emotion from people but Midoriya isn’t that interesting of a character, I know that is part of his character but it gets tiresome always hearing him blabber on about his dreams when you keep coming face to face with really interesting characters. I don’t care that he wants to be like All Might anymore because we know that he is going to surpass All Might and we know that its only because he inherited All Might’s Quirk which gets stronger through every user. This is just the story of how he tames that power, I get that. So stop going on about it.


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