Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : The Boy Born With Everything

Episode 19

Subete wo Motte Umareta Otokonoko (全てを持って生まれた男の子)

This excites me because it very much looks like we’ll get to know more about everyone’s favourite dual Quirk yielding guy. If you haven’t realised Todoroki is my favourite and I just want to learn everything about him.

Todoroki’s story is sadder then I thought with his dad having created him by basically breeding with someone with a ice Quirk to make him stronger then All Might. With no love between the two it seems that Todoroki’s mum turned on him and the scar on his face is from boiling water that his mum poured on his face.

It makes me get behind Todoroki even more even if I think his ultimate goal shouldn’t be to basically prove his father right just by using his ice side but to turn his back on that completely. Have to say I did like that they had Midoriya point out that he knew his story and motivation wasn’t as heartbreaking or “important” as Todoroki’s but he still had to be number one himself.

I did like how Todoroki is on the right path though, he thinks Midoriya is the love child of All Might which is closer to the truth then he probably knows. I hope he does figure something out himself, he’s such a cool character.

The final part of the tournament will be a actual tournament of one-on-one battles between the 16 who made it through, two drop out so two random guys from the team that Shinsou’s team beat basically get elevated into the brackets. They don’t have us wait either the second round match will be Midoriya vs Todoroki if both get through, first off though Midoriya has to defeat the mysterious Shinsou.

The recreational games were fun and I do like some of the random characters we’ve met. It would have been nicer to have a whole episode dedicated to them but I guess we need to focus on the one-on-one battles.

I don’t see how Midoriya can get through to be honest. He can’t really use his power that well and it’ll be interesting to see what he does because him just randomly being able to control it when he needs to is a bit tedious and I’d rather he go all out and hurt himself again or something then just manage to get it to work the way he needs in a pinch. I want to see him learning to use it not just getting lucky all the time.

Most importantly I just want to see Shinsou show off. I quite like him and he was the one that made a point of saying a good performance in the games would maybe promote people into Class A. I’d quite like to see him in Class A because whilst Katsuki has the potential to be a villain if he doesn’t get his emotions in check this guy looks like a villain and I want to see a proper villain being taught in a hero school because that in itself is a interesting prospect.

In normal hero things the villains tend to just be bad guys but here the school I don’t think can just outwardly refuse someone entry if they pass the tests and everything so someone who receives all the same training and care as others and turning out the complete opposite is a interesting prospect.

In fact there are quite a lot of characters I want to know more about and see grow just as much as Midoriya. This anime is cursed with a wonderful support cast of unusual characters with their own motivations, the problem is there just can’t be enough time to get to know them all and flashes here and there might be all we ever get.


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