Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Cavalry Battle Finale

Episode 18

Kibasen Kecchaku (騎馬戦決着)

Midoriya got himself a team and has managed to stay out of trouble. Now he’s face to face with a determined Todoroki and whilst I know in my heart Midoriya is going to win I just hope he doesn’t take Todoroki’s headband.

So the leader of the Class B team, Neito Monoma, has the power to copy other people’s Quirks for 5 minutes which is fun but in the end all he does is make Katsuki angry which actually works in Katsuki’s favour for a change as he’s more determined to get the headbands back and does so before going on the attack for the 10 million one.

Thankfully for my heart Todoroki does get the 10 million thanks to good team work whilst Midoriya squeaks through in fourth place. It makes for a interesting battle now that they are one apiece but I still want Todoroki to win big.

Not a bad final to the battle but it was a bit annoying that they focused on the Todoroki/Midoriya battle then flashed to a much more boring part before going back to it. I did like how it just unceremoniously ended and Katsuki who was mid attack just fell to the floor. The fact there wasn’t a big final moment for any of them was great.

The next episode looks like it is going to take a break from the action which might be good because for me the action has been pretty poor so far.

Whilst Todoroki takes Midoriya to one side All Might is going to take Endeavour, Todoroki’s dad, to the other. It might be interesting to see what the drama is in that family but it’ll be more interesting to see if Todoroki has figured anything out about Midoriya and how much of his own personal life he’ll let out in the episode.

What I really loved was that there was no hard feelings about Iida joining Todoroki’s team or the fact that if he hadn’t then Todoroki would never have gained the 10 million in the first place. Uraraka kinda was annoyed in her cute little way that he never bothered to tell her about his cool move but it didn’t end in bad blood.

In fact that is one big positive, they seem to be taking the whole thing in good spirits which is nice. Katsuki is a grump anyway but even he seems to be taking it better then you’d expect seeing he basically isn’t winning at all. There was also a surprise third place with Hitoshi Shinsou’s team making a surprise entry above Midoriya. Now if there is someone that I want to know more about its that guy.


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