Death Note : Frenzy

Episode 23

Kyousou (狂騒)

Higuchi is all but caught, L has pretty much everything figured out and we’re in for some fun this episode.

Well what a dramatic episode. I do love how the series is able to be so dramatic without having to use its supernatural side to make it so. Bad guys running around the place doing bad things, police chases and the rest of it are all very normal and the cat and mouse game being played was sublime.

When they sit back and think about it and L takes off his cynical hat they just learnt everything they need to know about Kira. Its the piecing together that might be slightly difficult but Higuchi gave it all away in the episode.

In the bugged car he talked to Rem showing that there are beings out there that not everyone can see, L does announce it is a Shinigami but still seems reluctant to believe it or at least admit to believing it. Higuchi then writes what he thinks is Matsuda’s name in the notebook, he talks about the notebook and he uses it to kill a traffic officer who stops him instead of just giving him his license. He also talks about a deal to Rem just before he kills the officer which proved that he has the same ability as the second Kira.

With him finally being apprehended you’d think they have everything they need to figure it all out. It’ll be interesting to see if L gets his hands on the notebook, I mean after all its going into evidence now that they’ve caught Higuchi so it’ll be interesting to see if L see’s it.

I loved how smoothly it all went for them. I mean it did go slightly wrong in the studio and they were kind of lucky that the police got involved even though they weren’t meant to but it still went pretty smoothly. He acted just as they thought he would the only thing they didn’t think about was that maybe he was smart enough to know if he couldn’t kill people using his powers he’d have to shoot his way out of a corner which he did. Thankfully they had a half decent sniper in the helicopter that could stop him blowing his own brains out.

The intelligence of the maze that they laid for Higuchi is beautiful. So much could go wrong. L seemed to be certain that everything would fall into place but it really did need the outside factors that you just couldn’t predict falling into place for it to work. Everything from Rem working out what was happening so talking Higuchi into 100% going where he was meant to, the fact he questioned his actions and had Rem there to focus him, his ego meaning he found a empty building a good thing instead of being suspicious and the fact that he never pieced anything together to think if someone was on the TV and knew as much as he did and then after returning to the office and finding out that all the tapes of that man had been wiped that maybe JUST MAYBE he was being followed or bugged and doing something strange…. Like at every moment even though I guessed it would go right I was thinking “nah this guy isn’t THAT stupid surely?” but of course he proved me wrong at every turning.

It was such a fun episode and left you breathless following it. So much was given away but it depends on whether or not they can piece it together whether it ever makes sense to anyone who see’s it.

Either way at least one Kira has now been caught and really isn’t smart enough to get out of it.


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