Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 : Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Episode 17

Saku Saku Saku (策策策)

Midoriya won the first round but in the second round they’ve painted a big old bullseye on him. Will he even be able to get a team to work with him in the Cavalry Battle?

Wasn’t as hard as you’d think, whilst Iida decided to go with Todoroki instead of Midoriya he still had Uraraka by his side and Hatsume wants in on the team so she can show off her inventions, Hatsume being from the support class and very much in this tournament to sell her inventions to big companies. Midoriya is also able to recruit Tokoyami making a interesting group that can use gadgets to their advantage.

He spends the majority of the game running away, again it had its moments as you saw how the teams worked together, Class B showed why they should be thought of as a threat as they spent the whole of the obstacle race checking what Class A were up to and used their mannerisms and Quirks to their advantage.

It very much looks like Katsuki will probably get himself thrown out if he doesn’t calm down after Class B got his headband.

Whilst they are all squabbling and the majority have lost their headbands to Class B Midoriya can’t relax as Todoroki hasn’t let the 10 million prize out of his head. He isn’t concerned about the squabble at the back and he’s also not lost his own headband, he refuses to use his fire power because of his father and squares up to Midoriya in the final half of the battle.

Again I really want to see Todoroki win, I just really want him to get the glory this time out. Its easy to see that Midoriya is going to get away but it would just be more interesting to see him lose out this time out. This battle is suited more to Midoriya then any of the others but as he beat them at their game its only fair someone beats him at his.

The episode was slightly better then the one before it but it still felt like it was missing something. I’d like to say the next one will finally have the impact you’d hope for but as I don’t really want to see Midoriya get the victory, especially as his whole strategy was to run away, I don’t think I’ll enjoy it too much.

What is with Todoroki’s dad though? He’s apparently second only to All Might but he looks more like a villain then anyone else. Wonder why Todoroki has such a downer on him.



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