Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 : In Their Own Quirky Ways

Episode 16

Minna Koseiteki de Ii ne (みんな個性的でいいね)

So there is going to be a festival and its important for them to do well in it. I stated in the last review that I’m all for Todoroki winning, he took the lead in the obstacle course and I really can’t see anything beating him. Hoping he ends up dominant in the tournament.

As always I suffer from not knowing how to feel about Midoriya at times. Whilst I should know that Midoriya would pull something out of the bag I kinda didn’t want to see him win so seeing him win was a bit annoying. It was smart though but he’s right in saying that he was lucky so maybe it was more lucky then smart, he took up a bit of the broken robot that Todoroki had defeated and carried it all the way to the end which was a mine field he used to go flying over the heads of Todoroki and Katsuki.

I didn’t want it to be obvious that Midoriya would become the number one, I didn’t want it to happen at all. I felt having him constantly being behind would be interesting, we know, as I keep saying, he’s going to be the best because the episodes are introduced with him saying this is the story of how he became the best so where is the fun in him ALWAYS winning? It would have been nice to see Todoroki or I guess even Katsuki getting their moment in the sun.

As it was it was quite the boring episode. It started off really interesting showing off loads of people’s skills but then just became a back and forth seeing where people were in the race. Too long was spent showing how Midoriya came up with his plan and executed it and then the praise from All Might just was blurgh.

We do find out that Midoriya is on the back foot in the second round. A Cavalry Battle where you can team up and each group has a different point value based on where the members in that group qualified. Midoriya’s point score is ridiculous which singles him out. Will anyone be willing to work with him when taking him out would probably secure a victory? Why would anyone work with him especially as no one knows what his Quirk is or how it works. His friends might side with him but its a battle for the top and Midoriya has shown he doesn’t care what he does to get there so why should his friends?

For me the episode showed that Katsuki takes his eyes off the ball too much. Guy could have flown straight over Todoroki’s head and won, Todoroki himself was worried about helping people behind him and if he spent more time worrying about himself and not them he would have gotten to the end faster. In fact it made little sense to have them fight it out or worry about others. Felt like a convenient way to make sure they didn’t win, use Katsuki’s ego against him. I just don’t see why Todoroki would have cared about those behind him when he was so far in front. I haven’t seen him use both his powers together yet but surely even if he couldn’t making a path and then blasting parts of it away from time to time would have been easy enough?

A bit of a boring episode to be honest.



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