Death Note : Guidance

Episode 22

Yuudou (誘導)

So it has been a while since I reviewed Death Note, I do apologise for the very long wait for basically the last half of the episodes to be reviewed. I’m going back in cold as I haven’t actually watched it for a little longer then the review actually came out but we’re going for the end.

Whilst a few bits confused me a little bit because I couldn’t quite remember it, and no doubt I’m gonna get confused as hell by names, I got back on track very fast.

Misa has cornered Higuchi which once more gives L a look into Kira’s way of killing.

It was the pursuit of Higuchi that took up most of the episode though. Once again there was a elaborate plan not only so that they catch him completely red handed but so that they can learn as much about the phenomenon that is the Kira killings as they can. With that in mind they set up a TV show where Matsuda once again portraying Misa’s manager claims he knows who Kira is and is going to name them at the end of the show.

Again its a wonderful look at the human psyche because regardless of what Matsuda is going to say Higuchi takes the bite and immediately reacts the way that Light and L both figured he would. He does his best to find out what Matsuda’s name is only knowing the name he gave as Misa’s manager, he screams and shouts and rushes off to find out what it is.

Now we all know that the team know who is Kira and are playing a game with him but just imagine if all of this was just guessing by a random guy. Surely then Higuchi just makes himself look worse all the time.

Then again he didn’t hide it very well to begin with as it seems that everyone has guessed its Higuchi. If I’m honest I’d guess it was him too. The guy has no class and barges around the place too much, he hasn’t got that instinct to hide himself like Light does so even in a room full of people who probably are just as morally dubious as him he still sticks out like a sore thumb.

Its nice to see the plan jumping into action, its difficult for me to jump back into it cold though as I’ve lost my train of thought. What the break did do was make me appreciate the relationship that L, Light and Misa have, when Light was on the phone and Misa and L were talking in the background it makes you sad to know the true story behind it all and to guess where the story ends because in general they are a great little trio.

So once again I’m sorry its taken so long to get to the last just over 10 episodes but we’re on track once more. Hopefully I’ll have more to say as the series progresses once more.


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