Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 : Roaring Sports Festival

Episode 15

“Unare Taiikusai” (うなれ体育祭)

So we get no real build up for this festival other then the announcement and what little we’ll get in this one before it actually starts….

Kacchan making friends as always.

I love the dynamic of the class, even though to be honest we haven’t seen them bond together, the action keeps being thrown at them so its not like we’ve seen them do anything but train together, fight against each other and squabble, I just love them as a group. They balance each other out, there is a lot of friendly joking going on and they seem to get on really well together.

Its why when Kacchan makes enemies it just makes me laugh, he brings the whole group with him. In a way they really are just one being. No one hates Kacchan for what he does they just moan that he’s done it. It makes two great moments, first when he upsets everyone who came to see the class and then at the opening of the festival when he’s meant to make the school pledge and instead pledges that he’ll be the best.

Again for me its the difference between his path and the others.

His overwhelming anger will easily lead him astray if he continues the way he is.

Todoroki shows a more negative side to his persona as well. Beforehand I thought maybe he was into being a hero for the sake of being one but this episode made it very much look like he is doing it to prove a point. He really takes the lead in the obstacle race, which is only the first game and its over the top and bonkers. For me he’ll easily win just about everything they throw at him in this and in a way I really hope they do let him stand tall in this tournament, I feel his story is different from the others in so much that he could probably go out and be a hero right now. He seems to have mastered his abilities quite well and is cool headed and able to think on the spot. Maybe some issues that need to be ironed out mentally but in general he’s pretty good. Him winning doesn’t seem like it would effect him, it would just be job done.


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