Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 : That’s the Idea, Ochako

Episode 14

“Sōyuu Koto ne Ochako-san” (そういうことね お茶子さん)

It has taken a while to get the reviews all edited and such like but we start our coverage a little late on My Hero Academia Season 2.

I think the events of the last series have only done good for the class. Deku seems a little put back about not being able to help more but he’s also short changing himself and the other kids because they really did help hell of a lot in the battle. They now have a brand new challenge in front of them, apparently after the Olympics became obsolete the U.A. Sports Festival is the sporting tournament to be at.

As usual there is plenty to laugh at especially when Ochako gets really excited about the festival, we learn just a little bit more about her too when she tells the others she’s from a family that run a construction business that don’t get much work so wants to be a hero to make money. Learning how each of the characters view their place in this school and their motivations is interesting because you have the truly heroic to the career ladder climbing to those who just don’t know what to do other then this.

Its why All Might annoys me even more. He’s obsessed with Deku being the new symbol of peace when he could just be teaching a whole class of the new symbols of peace. He is so obsessed with just one person doing the job that he isn’t looking at a bigger and better picture overall.

So it isn’t surprising it ties in with Shigaraki who he describes as a Man Child in this episode. The principal points out that as he is a Man Child he’ll be like the students and easy to mould into whatever someone wants him to be.

I don’t get why someone doesn’t take All Might to one side and point out that a group of heroes that believe in doing the right thing and help not just those in need from villainous acts but those who are abused, forgotten about or feeling left out is probably better then having one All Might who everyone has to look up to but no one can quite match up to. It isn’t even because of a natural born Quirk or anything like that, the immense power is something passed on and grows unnaturally, the work Deku has to put in to use it is going to be great but then again the work all the kids are going to put in will be great.

Why play these kids off against each other when he himself knows the dangers.

Its egotistical and feeds into a need to be better then others which in itself isn’t heroic at all. Deku is heroic, I’m not saying he isn’t, but this sports festival along with just that whole symbol of peace stuff just means people who could work together and make a great team are looking to become heroes and sidekicks instead of just working together.

I’m looking way too much into it but it just annoys me seeing him take Deku to one side to pump him up to be the best when in actual fact it would be better if he actually did his job and treated his students fairly and made them all see that working together to be the best will be better for the world.


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