Photobucket problems…

So people might not have noticed that a lot of the photos we use on the blogs, especially the wrestling ones, have disappeared. This is due to Photobucket now charging if you want to host your photos on a 3rd party website.

To keep costs down we always used Photobucket to keep our storage low on WordPress, there are things like the headers to blogs that have to be stored so especially after we started with the anime reviews we decided to use Photobucket for about everything else.

We aren’t going to pay, or I personally am not going to pay, just to have the photos available to host on 3rd party sites.

SO at some point when I have time I will be deleting all the Photobucket pictures so that our site doesn’t look like such a mess. I will however be uploading all the wrestling photos onto our Facebook page, and will continue to load them on there, and link to the page in all the blogs. This includes past events too.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I’ve always been fed up of Photobucket either just never working, being difficult in general and unreliable so it shouldn’t surprise anyone I’d rather take the much easier yet less fun option of just uploading to Facebook and linking to it then having to deal with the stress AND PAY FOR IT.

We are sorry that there are now pages of random messages telling you that photos are unavailable and so on. I have very limited time at the moment and when I am at home I tend to have little energy to face having to destroy all the work we’ve done in the last two years. I will find a better way to do everything and make it all pretty again down the line but at the moment I’m focusing on my real life job and just trying to get the content out rather then worry about the little tricky things that make the place look and feel nicer but in the end don’t really add a whole lot more.


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