Berserk : City of Humans [END]

Episode 24

Ningen no Toshi (人間の都市)

In the finale of what has been a absolute belter of a season for Berserk we see Schierke once more have to struggle to find her place in this brutal world…

What I have loved about Schierke from the start is that she’s obviously very sheltered and even her mistress has told her that she can have all the knowledge in the world but that isn’t going to help her when she goes out into the big world. So when she does go out into the big wide world with a bunch who are marked to be attacked for the rest of their lives she see’s the worst of humanity.

It also doesn’t help that she’s a witch and religion always brings out the worst in people.

After Isidro opens his big mouth once more and upsets her she goes out into the town and see’s the harsher side of life all for herself before meeting the Hawk’s Seer Sonia who tells her the story of the Ugly Duckling. Well her own version with her as a Black Kite, about her meeting the Hawk and being upset that the Hawk is going to marry the Duckling’s princess and how she then met a Wise Owl.

For me it was the episode where Schierke realises that she belongs to this group, she was looking at it from the outside and seeing the bloodshed and the crazy ways and didn’t like it but deep down she knew they cared. Guts outwardly showed this on the beach but it wasn’t until Isidro came to save her from the pirates that were trying to kidnap a load of Kushan children that she realised that in his rather strange way Isidro cares too. In a world full of horrors like she’d been forced to see since leaving her mistress the shining light was that there were people there keeping her safe and doing their best to live even in the dark times.

As a finale it was perfect for the story told all season long. It was one of bringing a group of people together and opening all their eyes. The development both Farnese and Schierke have gone through has been so important as well as Isidro and now Guts has a group that actually is going to work together. They bring out the best in each other and each have their places. Guts has so much to worry about being able to now trust a small group of strongly willed people takes just the tiniest bit of problems off his shoulders.

It was a good ending to a great season but more then the first it really leaves you wanting more. It feels like it built up and up to something and then just ended which is probably a good thing. I really can’t wait to see what happens next.


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