Kong : Skull Island (2017)

Rating : 1* 

I am a huge fan of King Kong and a even bigger fan of King Kong’s 2005 re-make starring Adrien Brody, Jack Black and Naomi Watts. To hear a new movie with Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman and John C. Reilly was coming out I was extremely excited to see a new chapter in the story of Kong.

Did the film live up to its predecessors?

For me it didn’t. As you can tell by the rating…

The story was boring, I mean it was probably the bog standard Kong story but it just didn’t really click for me. If I had to pick a reason why it didn’t click for me it was because I had zero interest in the characters or what they were doing. Whilst the 2005 film, which I’m probably going to compare it to more then any other film because it is one of my favourite movies of all time, instantly made you love and care for the characters and their motivations Kong : Skull Island failed to make me care why any of these people were together or going to the island in the first place.

By the time they were on the island and I had got my head around why one character wanted to be there I had no interest in finding out who lived and died which was a good thing because people died at a blink of a eye and any emotional impact they could have had was left untouched.

This really surprised me because it was filled to the brim with actors I love and that usually are effortless in making you care. For example Tom Hiddleston has been in some movies I absolutely detest but I have always felt strongly for his character in each film, he was just another face in Kong : Skull Island and terribly misused. Whilst I do think he can do these parts, he’s a very versatile actor, he wasn’t given anything to really make him a character. He was just a pretty face there to save the day.

For me the saving grace was John C. Reilly’s character, shot down during the war and left on the island making his home with the native tribe he’s a fun character but also a logical one. He was the only one with any real connection to the audience because he had a full story. We knew that he had left behind a wife and newborn, the fun came as the characters around him brought him up to date with what had happened since he went missing, he talked about the person he had been stranded with and how after taking off the uniforms and realising their plight they’d become friends. The only emotion the film managed to bring out of me was a tear at the very end whilst the film was ending and we got to see Reilly’s character reunite with the family he never thought he’d see again.

That was pretty much it.

The army guys tried to take out Kong, Marlow (Reilly) told them not too because it was really the lizard monster that was the bad guy, lizard monster and Kong fought as Marlow and Conrad (Hiddleston) escaped and that was it.

It was a very bland film.

I also didn’t think the new Kong was that brilliant. He looked more like a man in a suit then a gorilla. Whilst it was spectacular visuals it felt more like every moment was leading up to another big and pretty scene that you could screenshot and put on a poster. Maybe that is it? It felt more like one overly long advert for a film then a film itself. We got the highlights with nothing to fill the gaps in.

Why was I meant to care about Jack Chapman (Toby Kebbell) and why when he died was it over in a flash and pointless? What in general was the point of Mason Weaver (Brie Larson) couldn’t she have been cut out and we just have got more character development from people with a actual point?

I was really disappointed with it especially as so many people I know who saw it loved it but it had none of the charm of any of the other movies and no real point to it. It left me really sad.

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