Space Pilgrim Episodes I-IV (8 Hours Played)

Ages ago I picked up the Space Pilgrim games on Steam. Its a four episode point-and-click adventure game in the styling of old RPG games. With a female lead and a twisty story it was very easy to get sucked into the world very fast.

I have nothing but positives when talking about this game. It has a wonderfully rich story that reaches over the four episodes with some very interesting characters.

Gail Pilgrim is the main character, she charts the Quicksilver, a passenger space ship, unfortunately nothing is ever simple for Gail who ends up going from one predicament to another with a cast of crazy characters behind her. In the first game we meet Sabine, destined to end up travelling with Gail even though the two get off on a rocky start, and the two make up a two woman team that you just get completely behind from the moment you meet them. Gail is the normal kind of protagonist for this kind of game, bumbling her way through life sticking two objects together and hoping for the best whilst Sabine looks at the world more logically and gets exasperated by the crazy world she’s been flung into.

The two fight the bad guys, bring robots together, help fight a war and end up taking over a jail.

Not one of the games is like the other and with every minute you play you unravel more of a expansive universe with such a deep and meaningful past that after finishing episode 4 you feel like there should be more time to get to know it better.

What I love is that the story is really well crafted. Everything has its place in the narrative and even the smallest of things can pop back up at a later date and whilst maybe not be the most important plot point in the world will make you smile just remembering another adventure. You really get involved in the story too and it isn’t like a convoluted Final Fantasy story either it moves at a very logical pace. Whilst the first episode feels more like a tutorial or a epilogue by the end of the fourth episode you know that the events in that one were just as important as any event after.

My problem is that whilst I want to tell you every little thing that happens in the game I also don’t want to give any story away. I recommend this game 100% to anyone and everyone because its a wonderful little gem of a game but I also don’t want to say much more about it.

Game play is simple. Having a old RPG style makes it simpler then old fashioned Click-and-Points in so much that its just easier to navigate. It isn’t the most beautiful of games but its has its own beauty. A lot of thought went into everything from the characters to the backgrounds and 9 times out of 10 the way to advance after getting stuck is simply that you didn’t scroll to the end of corridor/street enough to find the next part of the story.

So a wonderfully rich story with fantastic characters and simple game play… The first two episodes took me just over a hour to play whilst the last two took 3 hours each, to be honest I’m not sure if that was a straight 3 hours or if I had left the game running whilst doing other things for great periods of time but altogether I got a running time of approximately 8 hours which isn’t bad.

Each game is 99p so even if for some reason you don’t love the story or the humour or the wonderfully diverse group of characters you aren’t really losing out on much money buying it. I’d recommend it 100% as I said above.

Great fun.

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