Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Scream [END]

Episode 37

“Sakebi” (叫び)

The final episode see’s Erin, Mikasa and Hannes come face to face with the monster of their past.

Its another mind blowingly depressing episode.

Image after image of the hopelessness of everything flash past as Mikasa makes her heartfelt thanks to Eren to cheer him up as they watch Hannes being eaten by the very same Titan who ate Eren’s mother. It was one of the most impactful scenes I’ve ever seen. Erwin crawling along with one arm chewed off, Armin trying to save Jean by waving his sword helplessly, Ymir defending Krista as Krista and Connie both choose to fight. Only matched by the retreat happening with Reiner being attacked in the background.

If anything it reminds you that there is so much that we just don’t know. Not just about the Titans but about the people. What made Reiner and Bertolt choose this? Even if they had a reason to do what they did all those years ago why then not just tell the Scouts about it and stay where they are? We kind of get why Ymir chooses to go with them but there are still so many questions over who she is and why she feels the way she does.

Jean still remains my favourite character being the one to actually not care if Eren is happy or sad and whilst confirming that he believes they only escaped because of him he doesn’t confirm it to make him feel better that HALF THE VETS THAT WENT TO SAVE HIM DIED.

He very much still doesn’t seem to get that though. Whilst you’d think that this whole thing would make him think it seems to make him more determined to be a idiot.

He seemingly saved the day by controlling the smaller Titans to attack first the Smiling Titan and then Reiner, we’ll have to see if that actually turns out to be worth anything as Eren becomes a phenomenon all of his own.

They’ve learnt that the Titans seemingly come from humans, it sickens Levi and whilst Erwin is happy they are one step closer to the truth Levi points out they’ll run out of lives to throw at this mystery before its uncovered.

That’s it though the end of the season. It very much looks like we’ll be seeing them confront the Beast Titan in the next series as he stands in their way.

All in all the second season has been really good and this episode both showed the depressing reality and the glimmer of hope that the characters need. So not all bad.


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