Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Charge

Episode 36

Totsugeki (突撃)

Eren and Christa are now held by the three Human Titans. The Armoured Titan has made off but they are being closely followed.

Its another episode where I find it difficult to care.

For some reason all the cadets end up on Reiner trying to talk sense to Bertolt who does finally show some emotion at the outpouring of his former friends begging him to tell them its all untrue. Finally we get the answer that he doesn’t actually want to be doing this which then begs the question why he IS doing this.

Something neither Mikasa or Eren care about but the others did seem to care they were just cut short.

I’m going to try and not point out how terrible Mikasa sounded the whole episode long, yet I doubt Eren will call her on basically admitting to wanting to commit murder to anyone who touches him friend or foe, but that one bit did annoy me.

The plan was ingenious and as dangerous as you have come to expect from the Scouts, as the cadets are just about learning something from Bertolt Erwin shows up leading a swarm of Titans towards them all. Of course Reiner then needs to use his hands to defend himself and ward off the other Titans which leaves Bertolt out in the open instantly making him the target but inside a horde of Titans.

So many deaths but as Erwin is carried off by his arm by a Titan still shouting his orders to advance you can see why they would. Of course some people are more important then others and Eren is at the top of that most important list, no one actually seemed to care where Christa disappeared too and even if someone did hear Mikasa threatening her I doubt anyone would do anything about it because…. OMG Mikasa is so in love with Eren right?

Erwin is the man though and its just such a cool image seeing him being carried off by the arm and then coming back to save the day later. For one person they are probably gonna lose 90% of the people they brought with them but as long as Erwin returns I don’t really care.

Mikasa nearly died which got a cheer from me and right at the end the Smiler that ate Eren’s mum shows up in the middle of Reiner throwing Titans all around the place. So you can bet the final episode is going to be dramatic as Eren, Mikasa and Hannes have to come face to face with probably their worst nightmare, even more terrifying a memory then the Colossal and Armour Titans themselves.

It wasn’t a bad episode at all, Eren didn’t say much for the entirety of the episode which is the best thing for him really. There is so much we need to learn still and with only one episode left obviously we’re not going to learn anything this season. Which is sad.


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