Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Children

Episode 35

Kodomo-tachi (子供達)

If we ever had a chance to find out what the Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan are up to then the last episode would have been it! When they were both there ready to be asked any number of questions.

Eren didn’t ask them though and we have no idea what they want just that Ymir will join with them because she’s uncertain of who the enemy is.

Again whilst Ymir is actually engaging with Reiner and Bertholtd, Eren just attacks mindlessly. It doesn’t really matter everyone knows he’ll be saved just to be kidnapped again because that is the actual whole point of Attack on Titan, nothing to do with the Titans but with Eren constantly being kidnapped and saved.

Thankfully he’s knocked out for a good deal of this episode and instead Ymir is the one that has a few marbles loose for a change. She’s so pent up on meeting Christa again that she’s going to put her life, Reiner and Bertholts lives and Christa’s life on the line because why the hell not?

Her story to be fair is much sadder then Eren’s. It seems as a kid she was chosen for some scam and got punished for it later in life, she then spent 60 years as a Titan, even just lying there and being buried by the earth until Reiner and Bertholtd showed up and she ate one of their comrades, because you know everything is connected in the world of Attack on Titan, becoming human once more.

That in itself is a whole different kettle of fish. Like Eren by this time is being knocked out so can’t react but this is huge news. Why or how Ymir turned in the first place it isn’t explained but she was only able to turn human, and by the sound of it the same for the other two, after eating a human.

After that she returned to the city where she overheard something about Christa and decided to stalk her and befriend her.

Now she doesn’t care who dies as long as she see’s her again.

Its confusing, but even though I shake my head at the stupidity it works for me because Ymir is so much more interesting then Eren and Mikasa.

Conny is the worst character though because he’s one of my favourites and he’s constantly having his heart broken. Every time Conny is around I’m waiting for something more tragic to happen because he can’t have a second without being confused by people turning on each other or losing someone close to him. Whilst Mikasa always gets Eren back and Eren always turns his back on his friends and runs off into danger poor Connie doesn’t get that choice.

So when he finds Ymir he does save her from being attacked but is confused as to why she then eats Christa and runs off.

The chase I on.

One thing I can’t remember is whether or not they realised that the human Titan’s aren’t eating anyone but actually putting them in their mouth to transport them. I can’t remember if Levi figured it out with Annie or if anyone has noticed it but you’d think they would have noticed by now. Not that it is that important because they never get a second to breath and wonder what is going on anyway but I just genuinely can’t remember if they had noticed that or not.



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