Berserk : Proclaimed Omens

Episode 23

Tsugerareshi Kizashi (告げられし兆し)

The journey to Elfhelm is in full swing, they’ve gotten away and managed to heal up as best they can. The question is what next?

It was by far my favourite episode so far, I probably say it a lot but this one really worked for me for many reasons.

Overall every episode has a bit of everything from character development to story progression and lots of blood and gore but this one just felt so special. It was a stark reminder that no matter what Guts does there probably won’t be a happy ending. The Skull Knight points this out with Casca, the Fairy King might be able to help bring her back to her right mind but that doesn’t mean that its all going to work out. Similarly he might be able to control the armour he’s been given once but its always going to haunt him.

As if then warning wasn’t enough the hut they were staying in is attacked by the Kushans who send all sorts of monsters after them finally sending Guts over the edge and being possessed by the armour. Schierke is able to pull him out of it but it took its toll on her this time and its obvious that her helping him out of this mess isn’t going to be the go to answer all the time.

So the episode starts with Guts all proud of his little chicks. Farnese begs Schierke to teach her magic and Schierke agrees, then Guts gives his words of wisdom to Schierke just for her to finally give in to his mother hening. Everyone seems to be finally getting on. By the end of the episode all the fun and sweetness disappears with the fight and the knowledge that when the Berserker takes over Guts doesn’t care who is friend or foe, it’ll want blood and theirs will do.

It was a cool way of cementing their fate fighting their fight and marching ever closer not to the safe haven they probably want but to the fight they’ll have to give to Hawk who Guts knows will probably be there the next time he’s in a fight like the one at the Witches mansion.

I quite like the fact that Guts dispenses knowledge the way he does and he does kinda care whether they take it in or not but he doesn’t push for them to listen. That knowledge is then brought back around at him by the kids. Its a good relationship they have and all the characters are interesting enough that you care what they are doing and how they progress in the story. I’m really sad this is the penultimate episode of this season because its been so much better then the one before and has been a absolute highlight.

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