Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Opening

Episode 34

Kaikou (開口)

The hunt for Eren is on after having to take a break whilst everyone recovers. Some are more recovered then others and whilst the episode very much looks like we’ll be getting a speaking to from Reiner and Bertholt the cavalry is on its way.

It was a struggle not to turn the episode off having to listen to Eren and his moralising. How many people has he killed by being reckless? How many more people are going to die because he’s always reckless? Doesn’t that make him a murderer? He knows nothing about why Reiner and Bertholtd are doing what they are doing, he doesn’t even bother asking. Whilst I get that he’s the emotional ticking time bomb at the same time surely the right thing to do is actually find out information after you declare YOU NEED INFORMATION.

Also he was beaten by the Armoured Titan and now they have the Armoured Titan and the Colossal right there and he thinks he can defeat them both?

I was really interested in seeing what we could learn about Reiner and Bertholtd but wasn’t surprised that Eren wasn’t interested in learning anything. His life is so black and white that it hurts. I get that he’s meant to be the good guy and that this is meant to be black and white but he’s stood in front of two humans who can turn into Titans and have decided their path in life is one that causes death and destruction and never does he bother to ask why. Never does he bother to do anything but stand on his moral soap box and offer his own opinion which he never actually adds himself and his acts to.

Really so much more interested in learning about just about every other character then Eren at this point.

Ymir, who has a brain, seems to have worked out a lot more then Eren ever will and even plans on going with the other two freely. I’d like to actually have her explicitly say what she’s worked out or how she feels because its much more interesting then Eren’s temper tantrum.

Most interestingly is that Reiner seems to have a split personality where he believes he’s bother a solider and warrior at the same time. That in itself would have me questioning him to high heavens but not Eren, no Eren takes this as some kind of way of making himself a victim.

Sadly for Eren there couldn’t possibly be a world where Reiner MIGHT be a victim of something. Or maybe just maybe other people can have complex emotions…

Well that doesn’t surprise me seeing Eren doesn’t have complex anything.

It was a wasted opportunity Eren. A wasted opportunity in a sea of wasted moments.


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