Berserk : A Journey Begins in Flames

Episode 22

Honoo no Tabidachi (炎の旅立ち)

Guts has now accepted the Berserker Armour and its taken him over. He’s going to unleash everything on the foes in front of him but will it be enough to defeat Grunbeld?

The Armour is, very obviously, cursed and it uses Guts hatred, if you didn’t guess by the name, to drive him forward. Guts isn’t in charge anymore and as he fights his body is being destroyed under the Armour but the Armour itself is keeping him together, fusing with his body so that broke bones are put back in place but not mended. Whilst he fights blood gushes from his Armour.

Its all rather gruesome and sad.

All this is happening and Grunbeld doesn’t realise it. He’s too busy having his ass kicked to notice the blood or that Guts must have been injured at any point. He finally transforms into his Dragon form just to be nearly beaten by Guts in that form too, the problem is Guts body can’t take much more and as the Armour and the curse doesn’t care he just keeps on fighting and stepping closer to his demise.

Schrieke has to go within the Armour herself spiritually to try and defuse the hatred surrounding Guts ego. The ward that Flora gave him is enough to keep his ego in one piece but he’s lost all sense of who he is.

Again everyone works together and whilst Schrieke is in a vulnerable position the boys take care of the Apostles that surround them. Thankfully she’s able to remind Guts of why he’s fighting which is enough to bring him back. He saves everyone but at great loss to himself, with Flora now dead her spirit shields them from the Dragon form of Grunbeld and they flee.

That’s it really.

Its interesting to see cursed Armour and see it at work. Its something that has a good and bad side to it. It made Guts super strong to the point that he can beat someone like Grunbeld but it will destroy his body and soul if he uses it too much. It makes him forget the pain not heal him and can delude his already clouded mind that he can carry on fighting. It is going to be great in big fights but with the wounds he has and the determination to end all this that Guts feels I doubt he’ll ever be fully healed and well enough to use it.

I guess it also gives us a idea how the Skull Knight died?

Schrieke tells the story of someone who died using it, bones all broken and blood completely drained and as there is that whole relationship and hopes that Guts won’t go down the same path as the Skull Knight and Flora I’m guessing that was what they meant, that he has something that will bring him back and someone who can do it in Schrieke.

To be honest the power of the Armour is unspeakable but I do wonder if its wise to rely on Schrieke forever being able to gain entrance into the Armour to lead Guts back.

By the end of the episode the focus has shifted and we’re in Windham where the Band of the Hawk are there to probably retrieve the Princess by the sound of it. They do save the day but only because they are on a mission themselves, refusing to stop and speak to those gathered.

Griffith knows how to work his men that’s for sure.

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