Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : The Hunters

Episode 33

Ou Mono (追う者)

The Armoured Titan didn’t win, but with the Colossal Titan falling on top of Eren and Reiner I’m not sure Eren won either.

Everything slows down once more.

When the Colossal Titan falls it emits so much steam that there was just nothing anyone could do, the Armoured Titan bit Eren right out of his neck and Bertholt just attached himself to his friend and off they went.

It meant we got to catch up with Jean when he gets told what is going on, we get a flashback to more mindless save Eren acts from Mikasa after more mindless heroing from Eren.

I think one reason I just can’t be bothered to care anymore is it is the same story time and time again. Eren goes missing, Mikasa is irrational and we’re meant to put it down to her being in love with Eren and trying to protect them. Armin talks some sense into her this time but I would prefer a proper slap from Hange or Levi at some point to bring both her and Eren back to reality. No matter how serious the position is they are all in they spend their whole time living in their own little world and putting others in danger.

As someone who very obviously dislikes both Mikasa and Eren this was pretty much a boring assed episode because it was full of everything I hate.

We ended the episode with Eren waking up in the presence of Ymir, Reiner and Bertholt. At least the next episode looks like it might be more interesting then listening to Mikasa and Armin whine some more.


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