Berserk : The Berserker Armour

Episode 21

Kyousenshi no Kacchuu (狂戦士の甲冑)

The Trolls have been defeated and its time for Guts and his group to head back to Flora.

But at what cost?

Guts is in no real state to travel but does in his usual pig headed way but they are travelling back to nothing much as the Band of the Hawk have taken down the defenses and marched on the Mansion. Flora knows its her fate to die there and the Skull Knight is only fighting for her so that she dies in peace.

The episode is about the armour. Guts can’t fight, he’s been left too injured by his meeting with Slan but fight he must, as Schrieke attempts to find Flora she’s given the message that Guts must be given the armour. Not only is it important he has the armour in general it is also his prize as she’s engraved the ward on the inside.

For me the episode was awesome, I really loved it. We got to see a load of really ridiculous Apostles that can’t really do anything right and then Guts has a doomed fight with Grunbeld before being given the armour which basically saves his life whilst transforming his rage to help him fight. Whilst this is going on the Skull Knight is fighting Zodd.

I guess the relationship between Flora and the Knight and the armour itself is the reason that Griffiths sent these two super strong guys to fight a old woman, whether or not he had a idea that Guts would show up or not I don’t know but the question was asked repeatedly why they’d send Grunbeld and Zodd to kill Flora and as I have questions as to Flora and the Knights relationship and we’ve seen the effects of that armour I can only come to the conclusion that is exactly what Griffiths is after.

I’m hoping we get to find out what their relationship was. Again I’ve never read the manga or anything so I don’t know but the way they were talking makes me wonder if this armour has any reason as to why the Skull Knight is who he is now. Flora seems confident that Guts won’t go down the same path as they did but I wonder what that path was. It can’t be anything good if they don’t want Guts to walk it.

It was the weakest episode of the last few though and whilst visually it was a treat with all the crazy going on and the one way fight between Guts and Grunbeld I felt like it was just building up for the next episode. There was nothing really that interesting going on and it was the only episode that felt really short.


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