Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Close Combat

Episode 32

Da Tou Kyou (打・投・極)

Its time for Eren to face the two Titans who brought down the wall and started this whole story off. The Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan have turned out to be Reiner and Bertolt, now Eren has to defeat them to save everyone.

The fight is quite a interesting one but it was also narrated by Eren and his very annoying thoughts on everything. I would have much preferred if we didn’t have to have a running commentary on everything that Eren feels all the time.

It wasn’t a well matched bout until Eren remembered the lessons that, surprisingly, Annie had taugh him in battle which helped him gain a upper hand. Slowly and surely they pieced what they know about just about everything together to find a way to bring the Armoured Titan down whilst they couldn’t attack the Colossal because he’d emitted so much steam that no one could get close to him.

What a well done battle though. It really was great to watch and even though I knew what was coming I was on the edge of my seat watching to see if Eren could take down the Armoured Titan or not.

I do feel the Armoured Titan is badly drawn though, always have, as there looks to be plenty of fleshy areas and it isn’t like there is a obvious difference in the area behind his knees that Mikasa finally hit and, for instance, the gap between the hard rocky parts on his shoulder and neck which Mikasa was stood next to trying to hit the bit that looks like rock and not the bit that looks like muscle. Whilst I know Annie’s skin was also hard the first thing I would have actually done was attempt to at least hit the bit that looked more likely to be hittable then the bit that looks like a rock.

Doesn’t stop him being real cool.

In two minds about Eren beating him though, I quite like the useless Eren, in the long run it looks like he’s lost though as Reiner is able to position him in such a way that the Colossal Titan is falling on them (to be continued…) and in the chaos that will ensue anything can happen, but I just like useless Eren. It might not have been so bad if he wasn’t just a annoying commentator, if he’d been a bit more humble other then “I’m gonna beat him I know I can” I might have found it much more interesting.

He isn’t.

I didn’t.

The only other important part for me in this episode was the slow death of Mikasa once more. From a cool, strong female character to nothing but the blinded fool that only exists to think about Eren, in the flashback Eren has of training with Annie she sends Reiner flying over to break up the lock that Annie had on him and basically starts a fight with Annie. People might find it cool but as the only reason she did it was to save Eren who she must have been watching whilst fighting someone else it isn’t really that cool because Mikasa is becoming less and less a character of her own right and more and more just the shadow of Eren. Instead of making Eren the super cool, super talented character they split him in half and made a female love interest that looks cool and is super talented but the more you learn about her the more you realise isn’t really a character at all.

Its kinda sad when you think about it.



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