Berserk : The Corruption of Qliphoth

Episode 20

Qliphoth no Odaku (クリフォトの汚濁)

A battle won but still on the back foot, Guts has to go out into the forest and chase the Trolls to get back Casca and Farnese.

He also has to do so without the help of Serpico who is too injured to join him, this then gives Isidro the opportunity to shine.

Its a much simpler episode. Schrieke uses her abilities to track down Casca and Farnese. For the most part the trip into Qliphoth, a part of the spirit realm overlapping with this world, is more for shocks and horrors then anything else. Its full of all those gruesome things that we love to see in Berserk, from rape by horrible monsters, naked people all over the place to death and destruction. It was truly a background of horror.

In this horror then the only real important thing emerged. We had learnt in one of the previous episodes that Flora’s friend in the Spirit world was the Skull Knight, he shows up to save Guts after Slan is born from the intestines of the Trolls.

I don’t know what to make of Slan. She’s every bit as vile and dispicable as you’d expect a member of the Gods Hand to be but she was just a tad too annoying for me as well. Whilst her visuals and sound effects were truly creepy it seemed a bit boring having her show up to basically manhandle Guts and then be beaten. I mean she isn’t BEATEN beaten but she was beaten in this form at this time.

After that it was a breathless escape and that was basically it.

Of course there was Isidro who saved the day where he was by actually formulating a plan to defeat the boss they were facing but as I said with Isidro a lot of his development is going to be experience based. The kid is only young but he learns fast and whilst he was heated in the last battle because he was starting to feel useless, like Farnese, when his back is against the wall he’s proven time and time again that he’s someone you can count on.

Farnese herself is becoming used to standing in the way of Casca so that no harm will come to her.

Its just interesting seeing them progress but the episode itself was more a visual nightmare then development of anything.

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