Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Warrior

Episode 31

Senshi (戦士)

You can’t catch your breath with this show, at every point there is something even more dramatic happening. Last episode we found out that Ymir is a Titan. This can only mean more Titans are going to appear and very soon.

(EDIT : I do apologise the reviews are so behind it isn’t Luc’s fault he’s had them all in the drafts for me to edit on time every week I’ve just gotten very behind what with work, wrestling stuff and general bad mental health. I apologise not only to you reading but especially to Luc.)

That is pretty much exactly what happens.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Hange had already dropped the bombshell that Reiner and Bertolt are from the same area as Annie which put everyone’s suspicions on them before the big speech from Reiner announcing to Eren that he is a Titan. Of course Eren doesn’t want to believe it either from Hange and Armin who are piecing it together or from Reiner and Bertolt themselves.

They aren’t just any Titans though they are the Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan.

It seems that Reiner is having a very difficult time with everything. He seems determined that he wants to go back home, promises that the walls will be safe if Eren just comes with them but doesn’t seem to really understand anything himself. Or at least that is how he comes across to me. Whilst Bertolt holds himself together and seems at a loss with what Reiner is doing.

Mikasa in her over emotional stupid state once more makes things worse. The two are upset, Eren for a change seemed to actually be talking sense to people. Whilst I do think they would have turned on their own accord the way it happened wouldn’t have been half as damaging and dramatic if Mikasa hadn’t just injured both. In fact for someone who is so good at killing Titans she seems to be terrible at killing humans, maybe she wasn’t focused on killing them but at the same time she knows that injury to a Titan transforming human will transform them.

With every passing episode I get more depressed by Mikasa.

Episode ends with Reiner and Bertolt grabbing Ymir and Eren, Eren transforming which will lead to a epic showdown I guess between the Armoured Titan and Eren.

I like how open Reiner was when he just came out about it, the slower pace of the episode and a well placed flashback to give a slightly different reaction to the one you’d have expected from Eren. It was really well put together, I loved it in the manga as well but it just worked even better in the anime.

Who ever thought the day would come where I actually didn’t mind Eren so much. I liked that he didn’t think badly of his comrades and that he wasn’t all over the top about Ymir. The fact that others can do what he does seems to fascinate him. The problem is whether or not he’d ever listen to people like Reiner and Bertolt and why they are doing what they are doing. I doubt it but I can hope.


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