Intergender Wrestling Yes or No?

So there is always a big debate when intergender matches come up on how they should be played. Should they be purely tag teams when only the men can fight the men and the women the women or should men and women be able to fight each other?

Its a question that doesn’t really have a yes or no answer but the answer lies somewhere in between…..

I guess its important to tell you why I stand where I stand on the issue.

My view is that there is nothing wrong with intergender matches where you see the men and women fight each other, of course it has to be in reason as I wouldn’t want to see little Alexa Bliss take on the Big Show but I don’t see why someone like Charlotte Flair couldn’t easily step in the ring with AJ Styles and have a absolute classic of a match.

I come from a place as a biological female who identifies as non-binary and grew up in a period of time that included wrestlers such as Chyna. If you don’t know who Chyna is you really are missing out because she was a one woman wrecking ball in my childhood, when people crow on about not really having a female wrestler to look up to it makes me chuckle because Chyna always taught me that it didn’t matter who you were if you say you are going to do something and you ignore those who say you can’t do it you’ll do it. She wasn’t the only one, small little Molly Holly could stand toe-to-toe with any female or male on the roster and so could Jacqueline and Ivory. Lita as well got into her fair share of fights with guys and came out the victor.

So for me I grew up with strong females, regardless of what people may say, who could and DID stand up for themselves against males. I never saw it as saying domestic abuse was OK in fact it did the opposite. For me it showed that men underestimated women and women were getting tired of that and fighting back.

That seems to be what it boils down to as well, that well touted line that men just shouldn’t hit women.

Then again men shouldn’t hit other men but they do so in wrestling.

Women shouldn’t hit other women but they do so in wrestling.

Women MORE SO THEN MEN should never hit a man for no reason but they do so FOR NO REASON in wrestling.

So why can’t, in the fantasy world of wrestling, women take on men?

I’ve seen two matches in recent memory. One live where Adira beat the hell out of Jamie Pearn and one on WCPW which did it all wrong and saw Brandi Rhodes defeat Prince Ameen. The first of the matches is one way of doing it right. When you have bigger females like Adira down here in the West-Country, Viper in WCPW or someone like Nia Jax in WWE it doesn’t matter who you put them up against you can imagine them destroying all opponents. Now I’m not saying have Jax dominate the WWE roster or Viper fight Hendry for the WCPW championship, but they would actually BE threats to male competitors and shouldn’t be ignored just because of their sex.

The Brandi Rhodes match was the way NOT to do intergender matches. Its I guess the worry that people will have. For much of the match Ameen just beat up Brandi and tried to humiliate her, the poor much smaller female being abused by a male. Thing is Brandi is a lot tougher then she looks and a much better wrestler then she looked in this match and I honestly think if the war of words had been with someone else she’d have had a much better match. I’ve seen Nixon Newell in matches against guys, someone of a similar build to Brandi, and she never played up to being the smallest person in the match or weak by purely being female, no she used her skills in ring to do what any smaller wrestler would do to beat bigger wrestlers and just wrestled around them.

Whilst I’m not saying I want to see female and male divisions joined together I think intergender matches can be fun, they can pit two very different styles together and create interesting match ups.

All I want to see on WWE TV right now is Becky Lynch beat the hell out of James Ellsworth, something we’ll probably get in small doses but I’d love to see him just get schooled by Becky in the ring.

Would you really have a problem with someone like Becky Lynch fighting a guy like Ellsworth? If Becky is allowed to play to her strengths and Ellsworth to his then SURELY the whole narrative would be a ass kicking for Ellsworth?

The story for me of intergender matches is never that the woman is weaker, it might be a element to it but in this day and age it really doesn’t have to be. For me its proving that women CAN defend themselves and we aren’t all dainty princesses that can’t go one-on-one with males. Whilst I’m not saying I want to witness them every day of the week I would rather see trained professional women be able to get their hands on a guy if that guy has pissed them off. I’d like to see Becky Lynch get her hands on Ellsworth, hell if Charlotte wins the MitB contract I’d love to see her get cocky with the male winner which ends up with a fight, I love seeing Adira in the West-Country just bulldoze through all competitors, the one time I sat down to watch Lucha Underground was because Pete wanted me to see Ivelisse vs Mil Muertes. I love Hell in a Cell matches but I don’t want to see them every night of the week but when there is a story and two people worthy to tell that story I want to see it.

I would have, for a final example, loved to see Nikki Bella at least once in her feud with the Miz TAKE ON the Miz. I think Nikki might not have been the best in the ring but I think a quick match between the two would have been really good.

So for me there is nothing wrong with intergender matches as long as the narrative is that of two competitors facing each other for a good reason. I don’t want to see the “weak” female and “dominant” man, I just want to see female wrestlers given a chance to fight a male wrestler who has got in their face, laughed at them or just because they want to trade blows with someone a little different.



One thought on “Intergender Wrestling Yes or No?”

  1. I don’t like intergender wrestling but if people want it in the indies fine. But not WWE. To a lot of non wrestling fans in the UK (which is the country I’m from so I know the attitude) WWE is a toxic brand. If men beat up women on TV WWE’s awful reputation would get worse. If you are a non wrestling fan you are channel surfing on Monday nights and you land on USA Network and you see a man beating up a woman what will you think? Probably “this is disgusting”. So they should not do it.. In fact I’d go further and completely segregate the genders. Why is Ellsworth in the women’s division? Why have Stephanie shout at and emasculate the men when they can do nothing about it?. Since they don’t want to do intergender wrestling just keep the genders apart. They claim to be a sport (they must appeal to a sporting audience because every time the RAW ratings go down they blame NBA or NFL). NBA and NFL are gender segregated. WWE should be too..

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