Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Historia

Episode 30

“Hisutoria” (ヒストリア)

After the last episode we get to see the bond between Krista and Ymir, why Ymir went to the lengths she went to just really to save Krista and who Krista really is.

Its a episode that shows once more the strength in the other characters away from the constant negative and argumentativeness of Eren.

Their story centres around their training. Whilst hiking in a snow storm they end up separated from the others and its the moment that Ymir’s real feelings seem to come out. She is a very complicated character, she knew that Krista was fated to be killed and doesn’t seem set on letting that come true. Why should she either? She was the bastard of a noble and lived life trying to prove herself or die trying, this included dragging the body of one of the other trainees who was on the brink of death.

Its like Ymir had made making Krista stronger her purpose in life. Until she could tell the world who she is Ymir wasn’t going to let her die.

When Ymir then put her life on the line just for Krista it was Krista’s turn to tell her that just dying for the sake of it isn’t worth it, so in the presence when Ymir was almost eaten in her Titan form she suddenly destroyed the tower to save herself and the others which was a brilliant visual. Its also a lovely difference from what we’d seen before. Whilst Eren found out about his power by pure luck and Annie turned out to be a enemy its just nice that another Titan was introduced in a positive way. Ymir knew who she was and how to control herself, even talking to the others to tell them to hold onto her if they want to survive.

It makes everything surrounding the Titans once again interesting and mysterious.

In the end it was the other Scouts who saved the day.

At some point I just want something nasty to happen to Eren. I just can’t like him at all. He goes against orders here, shooting off to kill his first Titan when he was told not to join the fight. He doesn’t seem to realise how important he is and still can’t get his head out of his ass when it comes to these things. Its still like a big game to him and because he hasn’t died the million times he’s been nearly killed it just makes him more pig headed instead of a little more humble. The amount of people that die for him yet he never bothers to actually put some thought into his actions. Its infuriating.

A great episode though and a wonderful showcase of the relationship between Ymir and Krista.

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