Berserk : Fight for Survival Against the Demonic Legion

Episode 18

Magun to no Shitou (魔群との死闘)

Armed with new weapons and new knowledge it is time for Guts and his group to go save the Village with Schrieke.

Just it isn’t as easy as you might think. Of course it wouldn’t be, not with a priest there.

There is so many important parts of this episode its hard to know where to start.

First up I guess is Isidro’s insecurity, before this he’s been pretty mouthy and self confident. Whilst he knows he has a long way you’ve never seen him not believe in himself, something that changes in this episode. Whilst he knows what he wants and he’s still cocky as hell after everyone backs Schrieke as the leader of the operation and then Horace tells him the story of how he got stuck in the village after dreaming of running off like Isidro does he has a moment where he has to think about himself properly and not in the manic way he usually does.

As the battle rages he finds it almost impossible to formulate a way to defeat any of the Trolls. Whilst Serpico seems to have easily adapted to the new weapons, Isidro can’t get in close enough to fight them with his dagger and hasn’t really thought about any other way of fighting. He’s so bent on becoming a swordsman he’s completely ignoring his actual talents.

For me that is a interesting story because Isidro is a bit of the comic relief character so you might be forgiven to think there isn’t much character development there, in one episode it reminds you that every character in the group is important and they all have their own story to tell. Isidro’s might be the simplest, he’s young and he will get better in time and trust himself in time, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting.

As for Schrieke its slightly different.

Whilst she too is inexperienced the words of her master is her story in a nutshell. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge she has if she doesn’t look at it she’ll never see the truth. For all their knowledge Guts should be dead but he’s there in front of her eyes telling her that she cna’t trust just purely what she’s learnt.

Unfortunately its a lesson she’ll have to learn the hard way.

Farnese had one of her biggest eye openers in this episode. she spends her whole time protecting Casca which surprises even herself but then she comes face to face with the priest who is trying his hardest to stop Schrieke because he believes if they all die it will be gods wish and better then being saved by a Witch. It reminds her of herself and really opens her mind to just how wrong that thought is. Again she does her best to protect not just Casca but Schrieke as well showing just how far she’s come.

The battle is awesome, it reminded me of why I loved the game I owned on the Dreamcast so much, I still own it and a Dreamcast just don’t know where one wire of my Dreamcast is, because Guts just slashes and hacks away at everything and its beautiful to watch.

My favourite moment though was the reminder that Serpico’s weapon will only work as long as he remembers that the elementals are making it work, his first attack does nothing because he forgets that and after that he masters both the weapon and the cloak. Its pretty cool watching him though because he literally was only just given it yet looks so awesome.

Another action packed episode.

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