WCPW : Built to Destroy 2

WCPW turned a year old with one of their biggest and most packed show to date.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

A decent opener to the show. I think the commentary on the match was off, whilst I myself was laughing and scratching my head at Kidd winning constantly with roll ups there was a point where I felt that even Dave Bradshaw was acting like Kidd was in some way unworthy because he hasn’t done anything but win by roll up. It wasn’t what they were saying but its the feeling that you got listening to them.

It went pretty much the same way that most of Kidd’s matches have gone recently. He was out wrestled by Samuels but you knew that he had more in the tank. You were waiting for it to be something to do with his cocky behaviour now the streak died but it is weird that he is kind of on the back foot more now then he ever has been. Samuels really did a number on Kidd. There were moments where the Kidd that I fell in love with showed up but the majority of it just felt off.

BUT it was a great match, really loved it, thought the disrespect to the show, the match and the fans shown by Samuels throughout was wonderful. The slaps to Kidd was great. It just feels like we need to move away from the streak and him being young and the rest of it with Kidd.

Ending of the match was weird, the move that put Samuels down was nothing to write home about but finally getting a more dominant pin fall victory was good. Ameen comes down after the match, you think you are going to get a turn just for him to rip up Kidd’s contract with him and GIVE HIM HIS OWN BLOODY MUSIC! I hate Prince Ameen, thank you so much for WhatCulture for giving me a Ameen t-shirt in my Jack in the Box Mystery box…. I will cherish it in the bin where it belongs, but at least he was the one to debut Kidd’s new music. Its all I wanted in life.


So Primate is looking for weapons to bring to his match against Jimmy Havoc. I just love that there would be a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire randomly in a dumpster in Newcastle. I’m planning on maybe going up for the World Cup Finals (like seriously planning, like nearly brought tickets the other day and already looked into flights and accommodation and such like) and feel like I should check a dumpster just in case.

Winner : Kenny Williams

This was to find out who would replace Galloway in the World Cup for Scotland. I liked how they did have a fight because the lazy thing would have been just to give it to BT Gunn who lost to Galloway.

You’d think the styles would clash a lot more then they did but it was a fun match. Whilst he did kind of use his speed and get over powered a few times it was quite a good match up. I loved the moment when Williams started to get out of the ring and befuddle Gunn then crawled underneath the ring and get the upper hand by attacking Gunn from behind. It was a great moment and just really worked in the match.

Gunn’s kicks to the head was horrible, as were the knees, I have suddenly started to hate the lariat from the middle rope so didn’t like how those kicks and knees to the head didn’t do so much because he just popped up from the ropes.

Loved the DDT that finally put Gunn down. Happy to see Kenny Williams go through, I said it on Twitter and will say it again, Magnificent hair will represent Scotland.

Winners : Polo Promotions

Now I love tag team wrestling. I really love it. My favourite division is tag teams so seeing two teams like Polo Promotions and Moss x Slater just makes me very happy.

I really thought we’d see Slater being picked as the guy for Polo Promotions to beat up as he was the much smaller guy but it didn’t happen like that at all. It really made me happy to see that as well because I really didn’t want to see him picked on as the small guy. For the beginning part of the match Moss x Slater just dominated, they used the chemistry they’d built to keep Polo Promotions on their side, using quick tags to keep the pace going strong. Polo Promotions had to constantly use underhand tactics to get on top of their opponents but Moss x Slater were always able to bring it back to their side in the end.

Moment of the match was Moss’s flying shoulder tackle from the outside of the ring. I love seeing him jump around like that, its so ungraceful but damn cool to see!

Liked how Polo Promotions took down Moss just after a tag, the commentators weren’t sure who was the legal man but Polo Promotions made sure to get Moss out the ring and then double team Slater for the victory. Afterwards they attacked the knee of Slater until Moss removed them from the ring. Would be nice to see a secondary story going on in the tag team division with Moss x Slater and Polo Promotions, it still amazes me how small Johnny Moss looks compared to Polo Promotions. I don’t think I’ll get over it. Absolute fantastic match though.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

Here is a weird one. So Bea Priestley is injured so comes out and gives the whole “I won’t be fighting you” thing just for Blampied to come out and tell Priestley if she won’t wrestle Kay Lee Ray then Viper does.

Viper does wrestle Kay Lee Ray and she does a good job other then when Bea got involved. It really turned from Viper being “dominant” to Viper actually LOOKING dominant and being screwed by Priestley.

The match was good, not as good as their first match but decent enough. It took the belt off of Priestley, I find it funny how this title seems to switch when the champion isn’t doing much, Nixon Newell disappeared and Bea held the division together then in the last few shows they’ve done Bea hasn’t really had her presence felt and now doesn’t have the belt. She didn’t even lose it herself.

Bea messed up after Viper had the match won but kept the ref’s attention on her for too long, she then hit Viper with the crutch which lost Viper the match and her the title. It didn’t even then have a blow up moment after the match, Viper shoves Bea but then carries her to the back. So a decent match but I’m intrigued to see what the story will be going forward, I’d be sad if they drop it in any way because they’ve built up the Viper/Bea thing, it hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped but it needs a end to it.

Can’t wait to see what Kay Lee Ray does with the belt either going forward.

Winner : Moose

It was the first match I didn’t enjoy on the show, it was a decent match but I get bored quite easily when watching Moose, who I am seeing live next week here in Plymouth, and whilst I always get kind of WOW about his athleticism I feel like he doesn’t do anything interesting with it. Like seeing it the first time in each match is great but then he doesn’t do much else.

Wasn’t the match I thought it would be. I did think that it was going to be a little more hard hitting then it was, I mean even Coffey goes flying over the top of the railings at one point in the match. I did love how Coffey reversed a big kick, using his height disadvantage to a advantage and dropping Moose down for a Boston Crab. Still not much of a fan of the travel lodge card which is getting more and more grating as the weeks go by, maybe that is what I’m meant to feel but its not becoming symbolic it just makes me wish for something better for Coffey.

Moose gets the win in the end by hitting Coffey with a Black Coffey after I believe both hit each other with it once and both kicked out. To be fair I’d gotten bored and went on Twitter and was distracted by the much more interesting spat Jack the Jobber got himself in because everyone thought his praise for Prospect was a spoiler for the Prospect/Swords match.

Winner : Jay Lethal

I think my main problem with this was I was going in cold after getting bored with the last match, momentum is a important thing for someone with attention problems due to depression, but I also kinda never have liked either Lethal or Richards.

Match got my excited again but I felt like it never really went anywhere.

Its opening moments went too long trying to tell the story that these guys are equally matched but it never felt like it moved on from that either. Lethal got the upper hand a few times and Richards slowly got more and more angry. He didn’t like the reaction from the crowd, he started to get cocky and disrespectful in the ring but it felt like he’d stop and wait for Lethal to come back at him every time he had the upper hand.

Was much better then the match before but I felt like it never got full momentum.

Afterwards Drake attacked Lethal just to get his ass handed to him. That was that.

Winners : Swords of Essex

This was really a story more then a wrestling match. It was actually one of the most beautifully put together matches I’ve seen in WCPW.

Gonna be honest, I think Lucas Archer is not a great wrestler. Prospects big plus is their personality, they get under your skin and you can’t help but love them. Gracie has been the guy in that team that I think could go far in singles but Archer is just weak. It being his final match and him being the one injured was a great part of the story being told. Archer can’t match up to the skill of the Swords of Essex but the story Archer was part of made it edge of the seat viewing.

Loved that WCPW gave Prospect their moment even for a split second, the Swords came out the gate fast but with a well timed shove to Osprey that sent him flying they put Wainwright down for a three count just for the ref to realise that Wainwright’s hand was under the bottom rope so he restarted the match. The Swords out skilled Prospect in every way, Will Osprey is one of the best in the world and I’ve always held that Scotty Wainwright is one of the most underrated men on the planet. Their double teaming was a thing of beauty even when it didn’t look so beautiful like the piggy back Senton. Archer did get a wonderful reversal mid-air on Osprey coming off the top rope and hitting him with a DDT but he also subjected us to a Worm so…. Yeah.

They kept Archer in the ring as long as they could and whilst he did get the hot tag there wasn’t much for Gracie to do on his own. A few times I thought they’d won the belts for good but it was a cheeky shot to the leg on the outside when the ref was distracted and then the double team from the Swords that lead to them getting the victory.

After the match Prospect made the long journey to the top of the ramp, Gracie teased us with a turn like the Gargano/Ciampa one in NXT then left. As Archer was saying goodbye he DID come back and turn on Archer which to be honest made little sense. I don’t think it had the impact that WCPW probably hoped it would and I’m not sure we needed a bad guy Gracie in the singles division.

Match of the night by far though.

Winner : Primate

I don’t really know what to say. It wasn’t a wrestling match that is for sure.

For a start Jimmy Havocs back just looks horrible and I have to fight the urge to want to try and jump through the TV and hug him. One because its a very expensive TV and I don’t have the money to replace it and two because I’m not sure Jimmy Havoc would like his fans to feel sorry for him.

It was the kind of thing that these two do best though, Havoc looked slightly more at home if only because I feel whilst Primate has been doing these kind of matches in WCPW I don’t know whether he does them, or death matches, to the extent that Havoc does. I know nothing about Primate but it felt like a wrestler who does WWE hardcore styled matches meeting someone who actually does Hardcore matches. It didn’t matter though because Havoc made Primate look awesome.

The cheese grater made me cringe. I was trying to eat a doughnut at the time and it put me off.

Primate won after slamming Havoc through a ironing board wrapped in barbed wire. Primate is the first Hardcore Champion, which makes sense because it was only introduced as Primate seems to be incapable of being in any other kind of match right now. Would love to see Havoc stick around but don’t want to see them two fight again for a while which is a bit of a shame but I feel their re-match should be built up because it was so good.


Remember the Magnificent Seven match? The fact that Kirby has a number one contendership claim due to that match?

Neither did he.

He gets a pink briefcase, the duo make a few jokes about MitB and that is that.

Winner : El Ligero

Before the match Ligero’s brand new boss Joe Hendry comes out. More focused on making sure he doesn’t have to fight Kirby again he challenges Kirby to put his newly given briefcase and title shot on the line against Ligero else not have a match at all. If there is one feud more bitter then that between Kirby and Hendry at the moment in WCPW its the 10 year rivalry between Kirby and Ligero.

I honestly thought with him just being given the briefcase and them bigging up the fact that Ligero has beaten Kirby every time they’ve met in WCPW that it was obvious that Kirby would retain his briefcase but that didn’t happen. Shocked by the result really.

It was a great match though, seriously the two of them always deliver something different. I’ve seen a Kirby/Ligero match live and I’ve seen it on WCPW and Chaos…. I could watch them every day of the week and not get bored. I liked how Ligero’s whole attitude has changed, his speed slowed right down and he was a disrespectful cock the whole match long. He tried a Zoidberg elbow, failed, but the meaning behind it was there.

He wasn’t going to take Kirby seriously.

When he got the pin after a photographer that turned out to be the ring announcer interrupted I was amazed. Thoughts changed a little after the fact but I’ll talk about that later.

Winner : Joe Hendry

Very odd match. Or at least a very good match which I want to see a proper version of soon book ended by chaos and strangeness.

Ligero never left the ring, which should have been a sign to Rampage that all was not well. It wasn’t a sign to him. All was very much not well. Before Hendry even made it to the ring Rampage was down at the hands of the Prestige minus Travis Banks who wasn’t there.

When they finally left Rampage didn’t stay down and we got to see the ass kicking we all wanted to see, Hendry didn’t look as weak as I thought he would against someone like Rampage, he didn’t look great but he used fiendish ways to get around the size and power differences.

Then BT Gunn showed up. Baring in mind everyone was barred from ringside this was just strange. He stopped a three count and distracted the ref as the others came down to help. Rampage accidentally took out the ref at one point which then allowed the Prestige to take out Rampage with the championship belt, when the ref was finally woken up he honestly didn’t seem to notice that Rampage was apparently knocked out cold…. By a ankle lock….

I thought Blampied would come out and do something, I thought the ref might throw the whole thing out. They didn’t. Hendry retained. Fans threw beer. Boo Hendry.


Very strong anniversary show. I haven’t been watching since day 1 but I’ve seen everything I can and watch every show they bring out as close to when they bring it out as I can with my busy life. Personally I feel they go from strength to strength, not every show is a masterpiece and unfortunately neither was this one but they are always highly entertaining and showcase some of the best talent you’ll see in the UK.

I think this one suffered a little, for me, from the line up. We’re so used to see Cody Rhodes at these shows or people with just overwhelming charisma like David Starr, who I am also seeing next week in Plymouth and so fucking excited, that a match like Lethal/Richards just seemed underwhelming. So I guess the point is that expectations are high and its hard to match them all the time.

We did get some stunning matches though. The two tag team matches were amazing, the hardcore match was crazy as hell, the women’s match and Internet Championship match were both good if not great. The Kirby/Ligero match was as amazing as it always is and the main event was fantastic just a little too much of the shenanigans.

Actually on the point of the main event I think one of the problems is Blampied. Not in a “I don’t want him as GM” or “they make it all about the WC Personalities” kind of way but he’s so good at coming out and wagging his finger at wrestlers being naughty. At Fightback he did the great Adam Pacitti impression and brought out others to put a end to the Prestige and their naughty ways, he comes marching out to put Bea in her place more often then not…. The problem then is when he DOESN’T react. He’s so fast to run out last event and sort things out or to come out and tell Bea off but he doesn’t come out at all during the main event and go “actually I told you lot to stay away” or strip Hendry of his belt or ANYTHING?! I was waiting for Blampied and him not coming out or doing anything, or any other wrestler ESPECIALLY Kirby not coming out and helping Rampage just felt a bit off.

I think there are a few stories running through WCPW that feel like they aren’t really running linear. It seems to bounce around a little so Adam Blampied is fed up of the antics of the Prestige one show but the next doesn’t have a back up plan for his plan that failed, barring EVERYONE from ringside. This should now be much more a fight against the Prestige, if not from Blampied then by the people they’ve stood on, then it is. Rampage isn’t a character you’d think no one would come to the aid of, there are plenty of guys that had been in action who you could easily see coming to the aid of Rampage.

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