THAT MitB Finish…

We all know now, and if you don’t just don’t read, what happened at the end of the Women’s first ever MitB ladder match.

Whilst I was angry on Twitter at the time I’ve calmed down a little now to put my thoughts into words but I guess 140 characters just aren’t enough so I’ll do it here.

Let me start by saying one thing though. For those who acted like people overreacted I would like to point out telling them they should wait and see is pointless. I saw people moaning and bitching about Jinder becoming champion who told people to calm down because they disliked the ending. At the end of the day, especially when live Tweeting, you get the raw opinion from someone and it did spark lots of interesting conversations but just hand waving the opposite opinion away is foolish. Engage with those other opinions, I did and it was fun, arguably more fun then the rest of the PPV, to see how others took the match and try and explain how I felt about it.

Originally I thought it was the worst decision ever.

Whilst I’ve not been the big Women’s Revolution fan you might expect me to have been I was genuinely interested in this match. I felt the talent in it really deserved this and it didn’t feel forced at all like most of the history making matches and segments have.

To then see a man climb the ladder and take down the briefcase it did jar and it did matter. Whether you like it as a story thing or not it mattered so much to see one of the very talented, indeed every single one of those ladies are 10 times more talented then the twerp that got that moment, women get that symbolic and iconic image of climbing the ladder and winning the MitB briefcase.

People asked if I would care if this happened back in the day and Jim Cornette had gone up to win it for a female under his charge. The answer is simple.

Back then it didn’t matter today it does.

Jayke Luland on the ITR Community page on Facebook made a great point about nothing in the Women’s Revolution feeling organic and it made me realise why I hated it so much. WWE are banging on about these historic moments like we should cheer the women are getting these moments and pat WWE on the back for being so inclusive. Why didn’t we have a MitB ladder match for the women before now? Because WWE didn’t want to give them the opportunity. WWE didn’t want trained women wrestlers they wanted models. The only reason this didn’t happen before now is because WWE themselves didn’t want to give the women a chance so why should we be patting them on the back? Why should we be thanking them? They are making up for treating women like second class citizens only there to be managers and eye candy for years and whilst we can appreciate the change in attitude it isn’t something to celebrate like WWE are doing the women and us fans a favour and breaking walls they themselves built in the first place.

So for me, having grown up with that attitude from WWE, seeing a guy like Ellsworth climb the ladder and get that iconic picture screamed more of “well he’ll never get the mans MitB so why not have him win it for Carmella” then that of a lackey doing his bosses work.

Now here is the thing….

I disliked it because Ellsworth took it on himself to do it and he did it in such a way that made it look like he was doing it for him then for Carmella. My dislike of it probably lays in my dislike of Ellsworth who was a fun jobber sure but I never got why people went batty for him and wanted him employed. For me he doesn’t do his job well, he isn’t a manager there to promote his wrestler and he doesn’t do lackey anywhere near as well as the Singh Brothers do for Jinder Mahal. He feels like someone who they paid money to have, people got bored of him and now they have just slotted him into the women’s division because who cares if he takes time away from the ladies but we can’t possibly have him ruin the male division anymore.

Again that is my opinion based on how much I detest him.

Now would I have hated it if Carmella had been hurt and thrown a tantrum and made him go up the ladder?

No because then WWE at least showed us that this was Carmella’s orders. You can say Ellsworth did it because he knew Carmella would want him to do it but SHOW THAT ON TV.

Because whilst we probably shouldn’t look at symbolism in wrestling the fact that WWE for the majority of my life have never bothered with the women’s division even when they have had such talented and amazing women on it from time to time to me it smacks of them still not caring too much.

Now I have no worries when it comes to the story, I know Carmella will pull it off and this was the result I wanted to see. She’s going to be great with the briefcase and it’ll help her get to the next level.

I’m not angry anymore and neither do I think its the worst decision ever.

But its deflating.

Its deflating that next year when MitB comes around the image will be of Baron Corbin celebrating on top of the ladder and Carmella on the floor crying. Its sad that the MitB image that for me IS important was taken from the first female MitB winner. Whilst the image is still impactful it would just have been nicer to see her on top of that ladder. It sounds silly but I don’t really want to show my niece the match because I know at 8 she’ll ask why a man took the case and trying to explain that its part of the story won’t make her happier. She loves Carmella and was happy to hear she won the match but I don’t want to break her heart and show her that James bloody Ellsworth was the one up the ladder.

I’m not against managers/lackeys getting involved but there are ways to show it happening that would have been stronger then what we got.

Ellsworth being left in the ring, giving up helping Carmella, shrugging his shoulders and climbing the ladder DOES detract from the work the women did in the match and it DOES leave a stain on that match whether you like it or not it was still Ellsworth climbing that ladder and detaching the first MitB women’s briefcase.

The women will make this work and this story will be epic and in time the annoyance will disappear but that doesn’t make it invalid that WWE did just take away a iconic moment from Carmella. She might have won, she’ll go in the history books and she’ll use this to elevate herself to become one of THE women of this era, she probably doesn’t mind how it went down herself but as a fan I can still be heartbroken that personally I don’t think WWE have changed as much as they like to bang on about.

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