Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Solider

Episode 29

With the knowledge that Pastor Nick and his crew were told to keep a eye out for Christa Levi’s group are on their way to find Christa and the others, that group just so happens to be stuck without their gear in a abandoned castle being attacked by a large group of Titans….

Full disclosure, I have now read the manga up past this point. This series has really interested me a lot more then the first did so I needed to see how this all ended and in doing so I’ve gone well beyond this story.

Whilst reading the chapter that this episode was based on I had tears in my eyes and I feel the episode really did justice to bringing just how hopeless everything once again is. The moment that Gelgar is moaning about wanting a drink before he dies, I say moaning it wasn’t really moaning as he knew he was going to die and just wanted a drink, then gets thrown through a wall to find a bottle just for it to be empty for me is one of the best moments in the manga and so far in the anime. It really is the perfect imagery for how cruel this world is. You think you can survive just for something else to happen and it to go to shit again.

The episode really showed how the group of recruits really got behind each other and managed to survive but was also the stepping point to learn the biggest secret there is within Ymir and the start of making Christa open up too.

By the end of the episode we learn there WAS Another Titan in their group, this being Ymir, yet for me her actions still make little sense. Like Annie she seems to be fully aware of her Titan abilities and like Annie is able to control herself unlike Eren. Why she’s chosen the path she has chosen or uses humour to try and stop Conny from getting too depressed about the thought that his family have all been turned into Titans I don’t know but it’ll be interesting to see how she develops IF she survives trying to save Christa and the others from the Titan attack.

Their resourcefulness and ability to defeat the smaller Titans that have made it into the castle was great. It once again showed how truly terrifying the Titans themselves can be, that image of the one just stood there the other side of the door smiling at Reiner was terrifying.

It is the biggest positive they have going for them. The Titans are just such iconically terrifying beasts that seeing them doing just about anything instantly implants that horrifying moment in your mind.


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