Berserk : Forest of Demonic Beasts

Episode 16

“Kemono Oni no Mori” (獣鬼の森)

Its been a while since I actually sat down and watched a few of these episodes so without going back to the ones I have reviewed I’m starting these from scratch and going in cold.

This episode felt like it was really settling down on what Farnese’s story is going to be. We got to see WHAT Farnese is RIGHT NOW instead of being told how she got here or what she was. She doesn’t know how to do anything domestic because she never was taught to do it, she can hardly defend herself because she never needed to and she doesn’t understand how easy it is to lose Casca.

Her only job in the group is to defend Casca and she can’t even do that in this episode, instead losing Casca and then getting lost herself.

I always have found it interesting just how useful Isidro is in these situations because whilst he can have a bit of a laugh about it all he also talks sense and whether or not she wants to hear it she needs to listen. He laughs about the babysitter getting themselves lost but at the same time needing to move on and get on with things, something Farnese struggles to do.

This episode kind of hits home just how much Farnese needs Guts praise and understanding. The look of disappointment on his face is what leads her to despair but instead of letting the despair defeat her she becomes more motivated to at least be able to help Casca when she needs help.

Before they can do anything though they are attacked by Trolls and saved by Schierke, a witch with her own little pixie. The meeting is a fated one so even though she disappears by the end of the episode the group are helping a older gentleman named Horace find Schierke’s mistress, Flora, to help with the Troll problem.

I didn’t stop watching and reviewing because I was bored of these episodes, in fact I’d seen this one and the next beforehand and loved them, I’ve just been very busy at work and not found the motivation to write about them which then made me not want to watch them because I knew I’d have to watch at least a few times to get the reviews going.

What I loved on first viewing and even more on second was how full they seem. You get the action of a battle, you get character development and you get progression of the main story all rolled into a very small ball but it never feels like a burden to watch or like you are being over stimulated with information and action. Instead it makes it feel like you’ve been watching a fully plotted and very well told 3 hour long movie in the matter of 30 minutes.

Whilst in this episode it kind of focused on Farnese and her development you know that each and every character have their own needs which seem to be coming to the forefront in this series. Where it ends I don’t know but it’ll at least set the whole group on a path of learning. They are all there to better themselves one way or the other and I have a feeling that Schierke will be joining them.

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