Pride Promotions : Plymouth

So in their third event in two weeks Pride returned to my hometown of Plymouth with their heavyweight champion Bram and James Storm ready to face each other for the title.

Another great evening for all involved was about to be had.

Winner : Tyler Hawke


A great opening match, I liked how they moved away from what I thought was horrible story telling in the Hawke/Redman match to just having Hawke fight like he always does. He had the upper hand on Gideon throughout the match and was always stopped abruptly by interference by Keizer, the face paint really didn’t suit him and the dynamic between him and Gideon is strange in a good way.

Great to see Tyler at his best in the match, he was whizzing around the ring like nobodies business. Gideon is so good though, love his cannonballs in the corner, the way he just hangs in the air for like a second before gravity takes hold of him is beautiful. The use of Keizer on the outside was great, he got involved to stop the momentum Hawke was building and once or twice whilst Gideon had the ref distracted. I like that Keizer was more like his minion then the other way round. Also liked the kendo stick to the head that ended the match, it took nothing away from Tyler that he won that way because he had one hell of a match but it also got that creepy ending with Keizer getting the kendo across his back and that horrible looking mark it left.

Brilliant way to start the match. I feel I’ve been pretty rough on Tyler for a few events, personally I think what I’ve seen of him starting off 2017, which isn’t much seeing its now May and I’ve only seen a handful of matches, have unfortunately not seen him at his best. He’s slowly built up to outperform his best in this match, I love seeing Tyler work the guy always tries even when it don’t come together for him but when it does come together there ain’t many people I’d rather see in the ring then him because he’s brilliant.




So for anyone that didn’t know after me crying in the Exeter post, or who just didn’t want to bother reading so many reviews so only read a few, Tiger is out injured at the moment so can’t wrestle. Dude deserved a break after his wars last week anyway. He comes out to say he’ll be back and beat absolutely everyone to win back that title when Vinnie Clay comes out and insults the whole crowd.

It kinda worked for me and kinda didn’t, I felt the speech about what Cornwall had that Plymouth didn’t have was too jokey and childish for Mad Dog, I’m used to him being much more of a bad ass then going on about how Plymouthians don’t brush their teeth. Tiger gets the upper hand and we get to see him headbutt Mad Dog and lay him out. Will be interesting to see what Pride do with Mad Dog, unlike PWA where he’s also turned Pride don’t have that audience connection with him one way or the other yet so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes in the coming months.

Miss Tiger already. Get well soon!


Winner : Bobbi Tyler


I felt really bad writing the last two reviews because all I seemed to do was shit on Bobbi Tyler which I didn’t want to do but I was being honest about how I felt and the two matches were boring and she was kind of shown up by her two opponents. This time out though man was she great and wasn’t her opponents great?! One of the best matches of the night, probably the best match not featuring TV Superstars.

Loved how they used the Triple Threat rules to their advantage and left the ring and wrestled all around the room, the move with the chair when Jaime went flying into Bobbi was great and when the Cupcake Queen jumped off the railing at the side smushing the cakes into their faces, whilst it was a good laugh was actually just a fantastic spot too.

The women outshone the men in this one, whilst I think “This is Awesome” chants have become very obnoxious in general it was the one match I was happy to hear them come out for because they were just amazing.

Still loving Hayter stole the match for me. It felt like it suited her character more being able to fight all over the place and she has great interactions with the crowd, the guys next to me just wanted to cheer her because she was shouting abuse at Angry Man which had me in stitches. She knows how to get a crowd going so easily and she was the most interesting of the three to watch in the ring.

Bobbi retains though in a match that once more proved that she’s freakin’ fantastic but sadly inconsistent. Really good match.


Winners : Eddie Ryan & Kelly Sixx


So we start the match finding out that Chris Andrews wasn’t going to be in it because Jack Cave had apparently slashed his tyres but that wouldn’t stop Eddie Ryan and Kelly Sixx fighting him and the two guys he had with him. Weird seeing Lomaxx without a beard and I hated myself for admitting I’m a fan of Redman’s bad guy character, I just laugh all the time when he’s out.

The match was good, it was very obvious the numbers game was going to come into play but with two guys like Ryan and Sixx you knew they had a fight on their hands. They did their usual distracting of the ref so they could double team whoever was in the ring which I personally think was unneeded but they were the bad guys so why not? I mean Redman and Cave are two big guys, Sixx is magnificent in the ring but it isn’t hard to believe the two of them would over power him but then you have Lomaxx.

Lomaxx is probably the most underrated guy Pride have, he’s absolutely awesome in the ring and I hope we see him with the title at some point because he’s deadly. The guy is big and he just jumps at people and uses his full weight to murder them. Ask Darren Saviour. The running splash thing he does always looks like its gonna kill someone, the guy has no chill whatsoever.

In the end they were going to hit Eddie Ryan with a chair, Chris Andrews showed up to take the chair and chase Joel Redman to the backstage area, sad times we didn’t get to see Chris wrestle because if you haven’t seen him wrestle then you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Eddie and Kelly picked up the win in a interesting match.


Winner : Josh Knott


Not the best match they could have had, was expecting much more from both of them if I’m honest. Was sure that Harding would win the match but Knott pretty much had it covered the whole time, he had a answer to everything that Harding threw at him.

Credit to Harding who is getting better at all his fast pace high flying stuff. Loved him slingshotting himself out of the ring and he had some really good moments but the majority of the match felt a little flat. The crowd were really hot on Josh though mainly because one person started shouting football shit at him and when he reacted everyone started to do so. Maybe that was why I didn’t get into the match so much because it was a constant stream of people shouting football related things at a wrestler. Josh does a good job of interacting with the crowd to make them hate him but it was just too distracting, a bit like when someone got too over the top once screaming about how fat Eddie Ryan is, yes someone was screaming that Eddie bloody Ryan was fat once and I’m still baffled by that today.

I love Josh Knott and have always loved his wrestling. This match had some of his best moments in it, less of the sulky heel and more of him just ripping apart his opponent, it ended with a submission finish which I think was perfect for the pace of the match and how he’d played it, he left the cocky bad guy with his stupid sunglasses and you have to wonder what is going to be his next challenge after a great comedy match against Grado and a good wrestling match against Harding. Decent match.


Winner : Max Wilson


Max Wilson is a trainee and just got beat up by a big grumpy Scottish person who got a bit upset because once again Pride played “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred instead of his actual entrance music.

Poor Max Wilson.

I thought it was great to see Max in a match even if the majority of it he was just getting beat up.  Still think he has much potential just because he has that presence that I CARED about him all three times I saw him and you can’t teach that really. Some guys I’ve seen I’ve cared so little about them no matter how good they are in ring so he’s one up on a lot of people already.

Right Said Fred is a big bully though ain’t he?


Winner : James Storm (DQ)


What a bloody match.

Do I even have to say anything about it?

It wasn’t a no DQ match though they managed to spend a long time out of the ring, at the refs discretion I guess, and even got a few naughty shots in with Owen playing the easily distracted ref very well.

Just a absolute brawl and a good one, I had to write about a Tag Team Tornado match that was a brawl in a bad way in another of these many reviews I’m hitting you with but this was just so darn good. Like I keep saying Bram is so good because he’ll kick you into oblivion with a big smile on his face but the Cowboy is just as good and will TAUNT you as well as smile at you. The dynamics were amazing and it got the whole crowd buzzing.

Loved how they matched each other blow-for-blow and nothing could keep either down. Bram is amazingly agile for how big he is and had some amazing moves I’ve never seen, then again I don’t watch him on TV much so I’m going on very few matches. The ending was great, looked like it was going to be DQ, then Owen took the belt just to nearly get kicked by Storm giving Bram the chance to pick the belt back up and get himself DQ’d. He’s been booked for more events and as I said in another review the fact that at first it looked like he was going back to the US after this and suddenly he was sticking around makes when he’ll drop it a little more of a mystery.



In general the night was pretty strong. All the matches were good quality as you’d expect of a Pride show, the night got better as it went along.

The women’s match was absolutely top quality. Another stunning performance from Jamie Hayter, by far the best match Bobbi had and proved once more just how good she can be and really loved seeing Zoe Lucas for the first time. Pride’s women’s division has been real good this year and I’m so happy they’ve put more focus on them then last year. I don’t always want to sound like I’m on a downer when it comes to Bobbi because I think she’s wonderful and this match as I said really made you appreciate how good she is.

I liked how it felt like Pride are working on telling a few more stories in their shows, there was a lot more of people interacting with each other. They’ve always had a little bit of interaction between the champions and their number one contenders but this time out it felt like a few people were going to be given some stories to play with. I like how Tiger felt like the top guy even without being able to wrestle or holding a belt.

My favourite match was the main event though, you can’t help but love a beat down from Bram and James Storm. No matter how many times I see both of them live I love it. Bram is still the absolute heart eyes guy, love seeing him wrestle and I wish Pride could keep him forever. I wish he’d go to every wrestling show down here forever as I’m gonna miss him when he finally goes. Loved the No-DQ finish though I honestly never want to see Tyler beat Bram but if that is what is going to happen then I can’t pick a more worthy guy to hold the belt.

Really fantastic night.

As it ended up coming out so late I’ve had the chance to edit to say that the X-Pac show is still going ahead without X-Pac but with Moose, David Starr, Magnus and of course Bram.

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