WCPW : Fight Back

WCPW is being effected by the changes to YouTube’s policy. When they aired Fight Back I was at work and by the time I got home just after 11pm the show had been blocked from YouTube and they had received a strike for putting it online. They then loaded it to Facebook and Extra so we’re watching it on there instead.


So the speech that I have linked to in my Supporting WCPW blog starts out Fight Back. Its a bloody good speech so go watch it.

I have nothing I could add, I tried and failed miserably, it was just perfect. So go sign the petition and all that.



Anyone see the Twitter thing? Sha Samuels putting out his tweet to start this feud up just as the 5* stuff happened leading the whole of the WCPW haters to rub their hands with glee thinking that WCPW had upset everyone from Samuels to Will Ospreay and Joe Coffey?

Samuels became much more interesting beating the hell out of Ameen. Strange that Kidd didn’t come out to help, other then it added to the whole Twitter thing, which included the ref too, it was kinda just boring and pointless. I am happy that we’ll see more Sha Samuels though as I love him.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

Too much of the two on one going on with the ref just letting it happen. Even Bradshaw was screaming about things going on whilst the ref was watching. It just didn’t end, it never stopped. It made Viper look so weak that she couldn’t go two seconds without having Bea do something.

I just don’t see why they couldn’t have any match with Viper looking strong. I mean she obviously looked STRONG but her performance was weak as hell. You wanted it to look impressive that someone got through her but all it really looked was like she was smarter.

Just too many shenanigans to enjoy the match or care for the win. Kay Lee Ray out performed Viper in leaps and bounds, Viper had some good moments as always but it was always a set up for Bea getting involved. I hope Blampied bans Viper from ring side for the title match because the this match was ruined having both out.

Winner : BT Gunn

I made the joke on Twitter that Davis obviously walked from Australia to get to the match because it took him a while to come out, and I had to listen to Journey which is never a good thing, when he did come out he was impressive. He looked like a giant against BT Gunn, which to be honest might not be surprising I can’t actually remember how big BT Gunn is compared to others, but he made a instant impression and finding out that he was in the Rest of the World bracket made me excited before the match even really took off.

I loved the kicks to Davis head followed by no selling the suplex into the very fast spin to Gunn. It turned the match on its head which had been mainly Gunn up until that point. It also started a run of Gunn’s moves just not having a effect on Davis making him look more like a fly annoying this giant then anything else.

Made me very interested to see Davis again and more behind Gunn beating Williams to go to the finals of the World Cup. Amazing match.

Winner : Kenny Williams

Really like Williams as I have said every time I’ve seen him so far. I like the cheeky stuff he does like when he was running off the ropes and Echo went down, he just gently stepped over him and stuck him in a head lock. The attempting to run away just to be pulled back, the fact he was just trying to piss off Echo to take the concentration away was brilliant.

Echo again was much like Davis. He was bigger and stronger then his opponent and like Kidd at HendryMania was able to put the breaks on Williams just by using the strength advantage he had. It wasn’t always speed vs strength though as Williams is very versatile in the ring and whilst he used his speed and his antics to piss Echo off and break up the  pace of the match.

After Williams finally put down Echo obviously BT Gunn had to come down and make his presence felt against the guy he’s going to be facing at Built To Destroy 2. One of these are going on to the World Cup Finals and I hope it is Kenny Williams.

Winner : Primate

I was actually surprised that Drake controlled the match as much as he did and as well as he did. He used speed right out of the gate to just baffle Primate. Great use of weapons but he just took too long and suddenly lost it again. How Primate just popped up to attack was scary and I’m not sure how much longer Bradshaw is going to try and make us think the kick in the corner to someone in a trash can is going to do anything terrible when Primate does it all the time and people tend to always kick out of it. The chair shots to the trash can on the other hand were scary.

Really like how they are actually making Drake a serious threat to WCPW. In the past a match like this I’m pretty sure would be over quite fast but Drake wouldn’t give up no matter what Primate did and some quick thinking to stay in the game.

Loved the moment on the outside where Drake was pulling out all the hardware to hit Primate with and it just didn’t do anything. The cuddly toy was the funniest thing ever. In the end though Primate couldn’t be beaten but it was a seriously brilliant showing from Drake.

After the match Blampied came out and announced that Primate will face Jimmy Havoc (all the heart eyes in the world when he was announced) for the new WCPW Hardcore Belt which is a beautiful belt.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

I guess we have to wait for the King of Roll Up Style to become a thing with all these wins via roll up that Kidd is getting.

Still the most impressive thing about Gabriel Kidd is his strength and seeing him even manhandling Gibson is just cool as hell.

Some great moments in the match, really impressed with Gibson who for the first time has actually put his talent where his mouth is and actually done what he keeps threatening us he’ll do. Kidd had a real fight on his hands and whilst Gibson matched him in strength and was able to run rings around him Kidd just powered his way through the match.

It was a much better match then the last two for Kidd, he actually looked like a champion defending his championship but still had that cocky swagger to him. When Gibson got going he really took it to Kidd and it turned into a nasty war between the two of them. Kidd once more showed the heart that got him to his first victory and just never gave up but I really wish he hadn’t won by a roll up. I mean the war these two went through was so amazing that I just wanted to see Kidd win in a dominant way.

This was the match that Kidd needed to win with a big

FIRST WINNERS : Moss & Slater

How long has it been since we saw Liam Slater? Like I love Slater x Moss but I just adore Slater and he had been doing so well in singles competition that I missed him so much when he disappeared.

Slater didn’t need to get in the ring, as always neither of their opponents could match Moss in any way. No matter what they did Moss was always in charge, he threw Sharpe around like a rag doll and just dominated the opening of the match.

Of course when Slater got in Glaswegian Culture used unconventional means to isolate him in their corner. Fingers in the eyes, keeping the ref distracted and making the most of the ref counts to just wear down Slater and keep him away from Moss. Really like Lou King Sharpe, he’s real funny a bit like the Swords of Essex’s Paul Robinson. Like a little goblin that just causes problems for people.

Didn’t last much longer when Moss got back in the ring.

SECOND WINNERS : Moss & Slater

Unfortunately the next team who were making their WCPW debut didn’t have such a disadvantage in size to Moss. Seeing Moss not being able to just run through opponents with his shoulder blocks was something to witness. It was nice that Slater wasn’t just the guy to be beat up, in fact making sure the Kings of the North had most of the offense on Moss was brilliant and showing just what Slater can do in the ring now against bigger guys made him even more interesting when it comes to the inevitable break up of this team. I really hope that WCPW push Slater as a singles guy, I’ll just be sad if he disappears.

Moss x Slater get the win but the opponents just get bigger and Polo Promotions which includes my favourite Coffey came down to dwarf Moss x Slater.

THIRD WINNERS : Polo Promotions

It was a quick one and Polo Promotions got a cheap win. The ending to this part of the match was not pretty looking, they really needed to cheat to put Slater and Moss down which was sad but it just wasn’t executed very well. I liked Polo Promotions but they just didn’t look very good compared to Moss x Slater.


Prospect were the last out and it was obvious they’d win because of Archers retirement and the story they are mining out of it. For a guy retiring because of injuries and after hurting his leg it was odd to see him about to throw himself out of the ring, he says on Twitter it isn’t a story thing but you’d think a man determined to retire because of injuries would be much careful.

The majority of the match saw Polo Promotions focused on Archers leg as you guessed it would be and it was hard to see even when Gracie was in the ring how they’d take out the bigger threats.

To be fair though again it was a great showing from Gracie more so then Archer, he looks so good in the ring that just like Slater I think he would be great in the singles division. How they beat Polo Promotions I don’t know because I blink and missed the roll up, feel the time it took Moss x Slater to come and save Prospect from Polo Promotions was ridiculously long.

Prospect go on to face the Swords of Essex. Not sure if I’m happy or not with that but at the same time I love it.

Winner : Rampage

When I saw that Ligero had been added to the match I was really confused as to why he’d be put in that match. He was by far the smallest guy and it showed in loads of places, he couldn’t lift any of the guys really well and he had to use his speed but he really felt out of place in every single way. I mean El Ligero is absolutely amazing but for me he kinda ruined the match.

The other three just beat the shit out of each other whilst squatting the annoying Mexican out of the way. I loved seeing those guys fighting each other. Mastiff is just amazing in the ring and I enjoy watching him just power his way through the other guys. The same can be said for Rampage whilst I just enjoy watching Coffey in general.

It was a great match and I had a load of fun watching it but I think it would have been a better Triple Threat. Rampage goes on to face the champion at Built to Destroy 2.

Winner : Joe Hendry

What a fantastic match.

Having the big battle thing between the roster going through it is great. I loved that it became more then just the match at hand. Last Man Standing matches are a bit hit and miss for me but the introduction of the outside battle made it feel bigger then just Kirby vs Hendry.

Even before the bell rang Kirby and Hendry were just beating the shit out of each other. It was such a tough match to watch, when Hendry brought out scissors I was really actually worried he’d use them on Kirby. Thankfully he didn’t but that doesn’t stop everything in this match just being mental.

The point of a Last Man Standing match is stopping the guy from getting up before a 10 count. I know we all know this but just in case, it was the perfect end to this chapter of their story because to be honest whilst I don’t really like the concept of the matches I also think like a Hell in a Cell type match it can be the most violent. Because you have to absolutely knock the hell out of someone till they can’t stand up the guys in the ring just work to absolutely destroy their opponent. Its a good end of the story type match, even if the ending tends to be a little anti-climatic.

What a way to end it though?

After the brutal beating they gave each other it was actually El Ligero hitting Kirby with a chair and joining the Prestige that ended it. I think WCPW managed to actually make a ending to a Last Man Standing match interesting because it didn’t matter that there was a count everyone was just shocked that El Ligero had turned.

It was a great end and made the Prestige even more Prestigous.


It was a great Fight Back.

I get that not everyone likes WCPW, I truly do. They are well in their right not to as well. Even if I don’t enjoy a show to its fullest, like some of the qualifiers for the World Cup, I always find that WCPW manages to fill their shows with such talented performers that the wrestling is always top notch. I like Adam Blampied, I adore Adam Pacitti, I loved when Jack the Jobber gets involved or King Ross appears. I also love the pure wrestling content and the fact they mix absolute stars from the British scene with top class performers from the whole wide world.

I think its worth fighting for. In every way shape and form.

You don’t have to like WhatCulture to realise that all exposure on British wrestling is a good thing. Whilst their beginning days might have been a bit rough right now I think they have a pretty decent line up of regulars, put on top quality shows and are worthy of at least a little support for bringing British wrestling regularly to the world.

I’m not saying they are worthy of more support then any other company, I’d promote my local indies to the death over WCPW, but I’m just saying that like them or not their wrestling shows aren’t that bad anymore and I do think they deserve a bit of a break.

As for Fight Back I loved the show. The Tag Team Gauntlet match was amazing, I love tag team wrestling and WCPW have the best tag team division at the moment. I loved the resurgence of Slater x Moss, I think Polo Promotions are amazing and obviously you’ve got the Swords who are just ridiculously talented.

The main event really showcased two outstanding talents, ended one great story whilst setting another one alight in front of us.

Fight Back felt like a true Fight Back because it felt like WCPW just stuck two fingers up to anyone who thought they were over and gave us a look into their future.

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