Extreme Rules 2017 Review

So I’ve been doing a lot of wrestling reviews lately so thought why not at least do a few WWE PPV reviews at the same time.

I haven’t really paid too much attention to RAW recently, I stick to SmackDown more then RAW just because of time restrictions and all that, so this PPV I’m going in slightly cold. I do predictions with a group for all PPVs now so will probably end up just posting my predictions again but I can’t remember too many of what I actually predicted for Extreme Rules all I know is I want the Miz to win.

Winner : Kalisto

I really don’t like Kalisto, I don’t get why he gets to look good over guys like Apollo Crews. Why isn’t he just in 205 Live? Why do I have to put up with him?

He had his moments as he always does, the story of the Titus Brand was the whole point of the match though and again I don’t think having Kalisto win is going to do anything that the WWE seems to think it would. People seem to slowly be gaining interest in the Titus Brand and having Crews lose to Kalisto doesn’t seem to be a good thing for it. Crews looked so good in the match having a reply to nearly everything thrown at him. The way he kicked Kalisto out of the air on the outside, how he just picked up Kalisto mid move and threw him about… It would have been more interesting to see Crews get annoyed that Kalisto was able to kick out time and time again and use the kind of tactics that O’Neil seems to be endorsing.

Instead we got a bog standard boring Kalisto match with flashes of excellence from Crews and then a rubbish ending. Thankfully it was on the pre-show and short.

Winner : The Miz

So at Extreme Rules the opening match is one where you HAVE to have a normal match or else if the champ does something not so legal he’ll lose the belt.

There were less shenanigans then I thought to start the match, a good back and forth between the two. I liked slowly seeing Dean lose his temper on the outside and grabbing a chair then nearly getting caught out again after taking the chair from the Miz. After that there wasn’t any trying to goad Ambrose and it was just a straight up wrestling match.

Miz was amazing in the match, I feel like the match was wasted on this PPV as its stipulation was boring and really underused and Miz’s determination to win the title and bring back the prestige of it was etched in every move he made. It was such a good match.

In the end the stipulation gave us a good few moments of drama as Miz tries to get Dean DQ’d by using his wife just for the ref to see through the ploy, when he’s busy Miz then threw Ambrose into the ref who took his time deciding whether or not he’d DQ Dean distracting him long enough for Miz to hit the Skullcrushing Finale and win the match in the middle of the ring with a three count. That result makes me happy.

Winners : Rich Swann & Sasha Banks

For a start I would like to ask for those screaming “don’t they have anything better to do with Sasha” and shit like that… Have you wondered if maybe its a good thing for the women’s division for someone like Sasha to have time in ring with someone like Alicia who isn’t the best? They ain’t going to send her to NXT to get better and to be fair she is a wrestler, just because she isn’t one of the best doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a chance to appear on TV/PPVs. One way to get her on TV AND improve her skills is to have her against Sasha.

Just a thought.

Though the fact that whenever they got in the ring it ended up more like a cat fight didn’t really help, the match in general was just really boring and pretty plain. Did love Banks attacking Dar after he moved Fox out of the way, was kind of hoping Dar and Fox would win but I was told yesterday not to be so naive. They might have put Sasha in this feud but they weren’t going to have her lose it. A bit of a pointless match.


From a pointless match to a pointless song but I loved the song. I really like how they’ve brought Samson up to the main roster its been really fun. I don’t think I want to see him wrestle or anything I’d quite like the singing and the drifting to continue. Fun times.

Winner : Alexa Bliss

Another wonderful match for “extreme” rules. A match where you have to get a stick off of a pole but other then that its just a normal match.

Amazingly the Kendo Stick fell off the pole within moments when the two women got up to grab it, it ruined the match. The story should have been that Bayley was the good guy that had problems using the stick because she’s a role model and a good guy, that was the story EVERYONE else was telling but it was not the story that Bayley was playing who looked more then happy to use the stick the few times she had it in her hands. She didn’t use it because Alexa stopped her every time.

The match was a waste of both of their talents. It ended randomly and abruptly without telling any story or even being a wrestling match. The complete opposite of the Miz/Ambrose match which ALSO had a stupid stipulation.

Winners : Cesaro & Sheamus

I’ve said it a million times on Twitter but I absolutely adore the confused character of Matt Hardy.

I did like that Sheamus and Cesaro’s game plan was just to do their best to escape. They went right for the escape over the top and Cesaro could probably actually jump over the cage if he put his mind to it.

It was a great match seeing the two teams working so hard to keep the other from leaving though I’m not sure what the point of being re-entered into the match was other then to add some more drama in the match after Jeff had left the cage and jumped back in to save Matt. It was obvious that it was always going to be a close call at the end but it was so dramatic with Cesaro and Sheamus falling off the cage just as Matt tries to drag Jeff out.

The Hardyz still have it, the Broken stuff has to start soon regardless of what TNA/Impact think. I want to see the Revival vs Cesaro & Sheamus. Both teams looked amazing and it was easily the best match of the night so far.

Winner : Neville

I’m actually fed up of these two. I would have preferred to see Neville up against someone else at this PPV. It felt obvious that Aries had to win this match to still be interesting.

Unfortunately I couldn’t even pretend to care enough to watch. Every time I tried to pay attention it just looked like every other war that they have had, its fun but this PPV had started to drag just before the tag team match and it took something big to keep my attention and as I’ve seen these two in matches against each other so often recently it just didn’t entertain me.

Which is a terrible thing to say about a match with Neville and Aries.

It did get marginally more interesting when Aries had Neville tap out on the outside but it didn’t do anything because you had to get the win in the ring just for Neville to pick up YET ANOTHER win over Aries. Lets hope this is over but I have no idea where they will go with Neville now.

Winner : Samoa Joe

The match was given a lot of time which was good. It soon become obvious that Roman was going to look like the star regardless of who won, he just stood in his yard watching the chaos then took everyone out. They had to gang up on him. Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins had to TEAM UP to take out Roman Reigns. Yes we’re living in a world where he’s being booked to look that strong.

The match was crazy though, the teaming up of Bray and Joe that just destroyed everything, Roman and Seth taking everyone out and ending up in the ring together, just the mayhem in general just made me very happy. It gave us everything we wanted. A good look into some feuds that we could have leading into Great Balls of Fire or Summerslam, especially would love to see Bray vs Joe after this, all the guys looking strong as hell and just some good dramatic wrestling.

I went for Seth to win because I thought it would be too early for Balor and Joe, Bray is too unimportant and they’d want to leave Reigns for WrestleMania so I was excited to see Joe win because out of all of them I think Joe has more of a chance to take the title from Lesnar. In fact its one of the reasons I really didn’t think he’d win was because he is a actual threat to Lesnar and why would you give Lesnar the belt just for him to drop it the first time he defends it?

Absolutely fantastic match, worth staying up for.


For a PPV called Extreme Rules it was shockingly tame.

The IC, Tag Team and number 1 contenders matches were all PPV worthy. Great story telling in each, absolutely fantastic matches brimming with the top talent from RAW. The Cruiserweights were boring and its time we found someone new to face Neville, the women’s match was absolutely shocking which is sad.

One thing I hate about the brand exclusive PPVs is they never book them to feel big, they always just feel like I’ve tuned in for RAW or SmackDown and it was the same with this. There was nothing that made you feel like you’d just stayed up to watch a PPV and whilst it ended with a explosive victory for Samoa Joe sending him on a collision course with Brock Lesnar the rest of the show was pointless. It might have suffered from being so close to a PPV like Money in the Bank, you’ll notice no ladder matches and it was rumoured that was the case because they didn’t want people to get bored of ladder matches before MitB, it also suffered from being a gimmicky PPV that…. Didn’t bother using its gimmick?! You see more Extreme matches at PPVs without the Extreme gimmick, it seemed like a waste.

I’ll never get over how absolutely terrible the women’s championship match was though. A silly stipulation and no thought going into what was going on. Alexa will bounce back but for a lot of people I don’t think Bayley will. Her debut was one of the most anticipated on the main roster and I feel they’ve just done their best to make sure no one cares about her for a long while. Hoping I’m wrong though.

Not really worth staying up for. Still had fun chatting away on Twitter during the main event.

Could be worse. We could be heading for Reigns vs Lesnar.


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