WCPW : HendryMania

After Joe Hendry managed to win the WCPW Heavyweight Championship when they headed back to Edinburgh he decided to christian the event HendryMania.

You can only guess what the Prestige, three quarters of which are Scottish, get up to now they have the championship in their ranks.


I loved when Hendry told them all to shh now and a little kid shouted no. That kid doesn’t know how lucky they are to have such a Prestigious Hero standing in front of them.

He replaced Matt Striker with James R. Kennedy. I honestly love Hendry more for putting Kennedy on commentary because he’s wonderful and I love him and I love Hendry and this just made me happy. The commentary table is once again so beautiful.

Then he brought Adam Clery out to tell him off for not having a celebration for him which I love him even more for because Clery is my second favourite Adam in WhatCulture and him looking all confused and lost made me want to cry with happiness.

I do think they needed something else to finish it off instead of just leaving with the video package though but it was a great opening to HendryMania.

Winner : Drake

I like and dislike Sha Samuels, I can’t tell if I think he’s amazing or awful but I’m going with like and amazing for now. He makes me laugh but when he gets in the ring he does kick ass. It was a interesting match up between Drake.

Probably the best match I can remember seeing Drake in, much more focused Drake with none of the shenangians with Prospect or anything and he looked like a true threat to Samuels even if you weren’t convinced he could beat him.

Ending was really great I liked that the ref got distracted, Drake had to cheat to win against the better guy in the end but he still looked like a threat instead of a joke. Really helped having Kennedy on commentary during the match, his whole Gimmick Killer thing and bigging up Drake was great because you kind of believed that Drake WOULD do something to win it.

Decent opening match, nothing special but interesting.

Winners : Prospect

HendryMania suddenly felt like it was turning into KennedyMania. Some great moments as he moaned about Prospect in general but also his argument about the kilts with Bradshaw and Bradshaw getting annoyed that he had to constantly remind Kennedy they are kilts not skirts. It was hilarious.

Don’t know anything about Kid Fite or Lou King Sharpe and I worried for a while that I wouldn’t. It was a tiny bit too much of Prospect messing about at the beginning, I’m not sure if this was meant to be a tornado match or something because the ref never actually seemed to try and get anyone out of the ring, Prospect just messed about but managed to keep it in their favour.

When the match actually got going it was really good and one of the best matches I’ve ever seen Prospect in. They really are a great team which made Archer announcing he is going to retire really sad, or at least I believe that was what was being announced it was hard to tell because the mic was so poor but it seems we’ll have them at least until Built to Destroy 2.

Thought the team of Fite and Sharpe were interesting, they didn’t seem to be on the same page but at the same time they were, they were able to do the comedy in a much more subtle way then Prospect and liked how Sharpe was used as a weapon by Fite. Prefer Fite to Sharpe though.

Also really love the fire that seems to have been burning inside Gracie recently, he’s always been my favourite part of Prospect. Will be interested in seeing what happens when/if Archer goes. Very emotional moment for Prospect at the end of the match. Ended up being a great match.

Winner : Mike Bailey

I still don’t know about Bailey, he’s interesting to watch and this was by far the better match I’ve seen him in, El Ligero really worked well as his opponent unlike the guys he wrestled in the qualifiers. Ligero actually slowed the match down and once more wrestled much meaner and less respectful then he usually does. I quite like the new attitude from Ligero, making Bailey wrestle at a slower pace but also being fast enough to counter Bailey when he did get some speed up.

When it did speed up it was such a cool match and you just couldn’t guess who was going to come up the winner. There was a 8 count on Bailey at one point and his speed kicks looked so good I’ve changed my mind on them, when Naomi does it I cringe because I think they look silly and I’ve never seen them so well done. Also his spinning thingy to the kick in the corner is awesome. I just don’t think he himself is very flexible so he needs to constantly be up against someone like Ligero who can match him in speed and make his moves look good instead of really just spots else he’ll just look like he’s wrestling on his own with a dummy in the ring.

Good win for Bailey though.

Winner : 

Well Scotty Wainwright was meant to be in the match and I have to worry about Scotty that he’d have been in a match with two guys like Bad Bones and Primate who just look like they want to kill people. I’m happy Wainwright is still alive.

Once more Primate is just in a match that looks like he’s going to kill someone. Who would have guessed that it was a keyboard from hell that was the moment of the match, it made Primate bleed and was pretty cool explosion of dust too.

It was just a horrible match, horrible in the right ways, the different ways that they figured out how to hurt each other was just scary. Everything they did just seemed worse by their size and the impact that they hit with. It was like Rampage vs Primate all over again.

Lots of talk about King Ross being Primate’s manager, wonder if that is going to be a thing. Primate won after a fluster of spears and all sorts. Just amazing.

Winner : Viper 

Session Moth made me laugh, like her video earlier on was hilarious and then her coming in raving with the can of beer. I come from Plymouth this is like 90% of the people I have to come in contact with. It just made me laugh.

Thing is though even though I liked her personally I did not want to see her beat Viper in what I think is the first WCPW match that Viper has had without Bea in her corner and where she could just kick ass.

It was a great match and when the silly stuff wasn’t happening it was just a great fight. Martina certainly can hold her own against Viper and I was surprised she survived all the cross bodies and just Viper throwing her weight at her, in fact Viper couldn’t beat her on talent alone and had to spray something in her face to get the win but it was a interesting match and to be fair all these cheating ways are going to backfire on her and Bea because Blampied is always, apparently, watching.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

I really liked the match. I find it interesting that they have Kidd winning the matches by quick roll ups and stuff instead of really putting his opponent down, also find it interesting he still doesn’t have his own music to be played as he comes down. His attitude is also interesting. I think you understand that I find Gabriel Kidd very interesting at the moment, if it feels like all the cheating in the women’s division is going to back fire on Bea then Kidds attitude and inability to really put a end to a match in a confident and dominant way is going to be something that ends up putting him in trouble.

Kenny Williams is fantastic though. Really loved seeing him in action again, he’s so fast and precise. I liked how Kidd had to use his strength to stop Williams in his tracks. It was a really cool match up which made the ending just that little bit more disappointing.

I don’t know some of the quality seems to have been dropped from Kidds matches and I’m hoping its a story of him getting cocky but I’m not enjoying his performance as much as I did before and it isn’t because he’s not the underdog but because the attitude he was shaking off to grow as a performer has come back big style and unless its a story reason for it I don’t know…

Love Williams though.

Winner : Rampage

Again this is more of the Coffey I wanted to see then the stupid things he’s been doing. I was so excited about the Prestige and felt a little disappointed with what we originally got but Coffey is the guy that should be squaring up to Rampage and just clashing without flinching. He still did the annoying travel lodge card thing but it was short and sweet.

Them just running into each other was a great moment, it was fun watching the two of them though as Coffey is much faster then Rampage and is able to use agility to his advantage as well whilst Rampage doesn’t care how big his opponent is he’s just going to pick you up and slam you hard into whatever is closest to him.

Thought the faked injury bit was well done, really believed that Coffey was hurt for a moment, again loved seeing Clery come down and get shoved. It was even better that it just then continued to be a absolute war including the whole sequence where Rampage attempted to Piledrive Coffey. Unlike the Banks match I honestly couldn’t figure out who was going to win and the longer it went on the more I thought Rampage actually would lose out to Coffey.

When Coffey went on the ropes and Rampage turned it into a Piledriver I screamed. Absolutely fantastic ending to the match.

Winner : Joe Hendry

The commentators said it themselves half way through the match, it very much started as a fight as Kirby didn’t bother waiting to start the match in a respectful manner and just launched himself after the man who had attempted to end his career. They hardly spent any time in the ring and just beat each other up outside.

For a guy who has just come back from injury the fact that Kirby just didn’t give a toss about his own safety and was happily running around ringside and jumping off of the stage and stuff was amazing. It showed how much he cared about that title and winning it back, didn’t like that Hendry looked a bit like a coward because I’d been happy with his ruthless streak and thought this would have been the best place to see it but at times he was just so lost against Kirby that all he could do was retreat.

It ended with Coffey getting involved which I didn’t like as much, if we had to see Hendry cheat to win I still would have preferred to see him do it himself.

It was a great next step in their rivalry then again I also think they are rushing it. Maybe with Loaded now gone a story that might have been played out over all the cancelled shows is being geared up to end so they can focus on the World Cup instead. Maybe not. Either way I feel like we could have done with a little less as Blampied comes out at the end, with a whole night to think of a insult to Hendry’s HendryMania he comes up with ShitMania, and makes the main event at Fight Back Hendry vs Kirby in a street fight Last Man Standing match. I felt like Fight Back could have been a good time to have maybe the Prestige vs Rampage and Kirby or Rampage vs Hendry just to give a little bit of space between these two matches but its going to be a epic match no matter what.


Really enjoyed it, some brilliant matches on the card. Would have actually preferred it just never going Hendry’s way, feel Kirby or Blampied could have come out in the opening segment and feel like having Coffey interfere in the main event and getting a pin over Kirby was weaker then it could have been. I kinda wanted to see a night of bad things for Hendry but it didn’t go that way.

James R. Kennedy was brilliant on the commentary table, I really loved Barrett and Striker and their insight into wrestling but Kennedy and Bradshaw were hilarious together. Will be interesting to see if his thing with Primate/King Ross actually turns into anything and where Drake goes from here. Would love to see Kennedy on the announce table more often.

Really enjoyed the tag team match when it finally got going, Kid Fite and Sharpe were a interesting team and I love that Gracie is becoming ever more serious in the ring even with the silly things that he’s doing as well. When and if he does lose Archer and the team die I can see him having a great run just like Liam Slater did when Johnny Moss got injured.

I do feel like Blampied needs to step in properly with the women though. In a moment Viper is going to have destroyed everyone in her path which TECHNICALLY makes HER the number one contender for the women’s belt and I’d like to see her destroy Bea and take the belt herself. Still really want to see Viper actually look really dominant which we haven’t really because she’s always got a trick to help her when she could just kill everyone.

Still can’t believe Primate vs Bad Bones was going to have Scotty Wainwright in the fray! I’m happy he didn’t make it now.

Really loved HendryMania. Was such a good show.

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