Pride Promotions : Pride & Glory 4

We had a night in Falmouth the night before which was much fun but it was the big anniversary show in Exeter that I was truly looking forward to. With Impact superstars Bram, Rockstar Spud and Low-Ki all making appearances and all the top names for Pride appearing we were certainly in for a treat!

Winners : Chris Andrews & Rockstar Spud

A great opening match. I’m no fan of Redman or Spud but I thought they both played their respective parts so well that my dislike for them was forgotten. I said in the Falmouth review that Redman as the bad guy works so much better for me then him as a bland and boring good guy. They look to be building him up as the foil to Andrews, he’s looking more and more like a poor mans Andrews by the week. Its got to be leading to something.

Rees is amazing, Andrews is absolutely one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen, it made for a great match but it was brought down by the opening where Rees refused to wrestle Andrews so Spud kept tagging him back in instead of just facing him. Its fine once and maybe would be OK a second time if it didn’t take so long to coax Redman and Rees back in the ring. They aren’t as funny so they were just stood there refusing to get back in.

When it got going though the match was great. Spud did what he does best and was the guy that was beaten up and isolated in the corner, it made Andrews look so strong when he finally got in the match and just destroyed his opponents. Rees and Redman made a great team and had great chemistry but it once more reminded me how bland Redman is that he was kind of just a mirror of Rees and Andrews, whilst Rees and Andrews felt like two different people even though they have similar move sets and way of moving in the ring Redman just felt bland and like another face that wasn’t of importance.

Andrews and Spud get the win which was the right way to start the night. Fantastic match and a lot of fun. Good way to use one of the big names on the show, great way to showcase two of our regular talents and once more looking to build up I guess a thing between Andrews and Redman which could be a great match or could be so boring because Redman is quite bland. We’ll see.


Winner : Josh Knott



Mixed feelings really. Its a Grado match and Grado is a gift to wrestling he truly is. I cried my eyes out at some of the spots they were so funny. Grado taking a extra ref shirt off of Martin and trying to ref a match against Martin and Josh, throwing Josh into Martin’s stomach and of course the people’s elbow at the end were all brilliant. Martin is as much a integral part of Grado’s matches in Pride as anything and good on him for playing along.

Why its mixed though is that I love watching Josh Knott wrestle and we didn’t get to see much of that in this match. The little we did see was great as it always is but its difficult because you know you are missing out on a fantastic match for a comedy match and they didn’t truly play on WHY this match was happening, all the stuff at the Prize Fighters, so it was just another comedy match with little importance on the outcome. I think making it for the Catch Division when Grado is such a busy person took a little of the drama from it anyway because unlike Bram who is pretty much a regular at this point and had been announced for a load of shows you knew that if they did have Grado win he’d be dropping the title for whatever reason but you knew he wasn’t going to win.

Great match though, I can’t not love the match. Grado just makes everything so fun, Knott isn’t as good as the comedy but its a different kind and it compliments Grado so much. I’m such a huge fan of Josh Knott though and it was a shame we didn’t get to see much of his talent on show but it was good to see him having fun. Very underrated wrestler is Josh Knott. Extremely good at what he does with his character because he’s actually a really likable person with quite a sweet and innocent face. There is nothing likable about the wrestler Josh Knott though.

Grado is a gift we do not deserve.


Winner : John Harding


I’m a truly giant fan of Rumbles, I really am. The Royal Rumble is the one PPV every year I refuse to miss because I love it so much. The night before had a great Rumble in Falmouth but this was even better.

It was stacked. It had Harding stay the full course, they had the UK Dominator coming down to the ring to Right Said Freds I’m Too Sexy, there were faces I’d never seen before and Charlie Sterling (used to be Charlie Barrett) trying to pay his way to win the Rumble by using the Man Mountain Lomaxx.

There were so many great moments, I loved the Harding’s facing off against each other. I don’t know much about Simon Harding but it did kind of feel like a big moment. I don’t know who the tall guy was but he was impressive to look at and then he stood tall against Lomaxx and his elimination felt like a upset, can we see him again please?

Also once more Max Wilson showed up and once again I was extremely impressed.

Wasn’t a fan of Sterling but I always find him funny and he was hilarious at ring side being the most over the top camp villain he could be. Keeping to the sidelines till Lomaxx had eliminated pretty much everyone and only had Harding in the ring with him. It was the usual last minute gasp from Harding that won him the match whilst the bad guys were busy gloating before they’d finished the job, it worked though and Sterling’s strop made it all the more brilliant.

Harding gets to choose a title to fight for and he’s picked the Catch Division trophy in Plymouth the week after. Knott comes down to make it clear he’s champion and not going to lose. That is a match I can’t wait for.


Winner : Low Ki


Ultimo Tiger is the Triple H of Pride, he made this clear by having a guitarist follow him to the ring playing his theme. Bloody show off.

He deserved it though, the man is a absolute professional. He came online to let us know the next day that he’d messed up his knee in the match… Let me tell you that we did not at all know he’d hurt himself because he wrestled the whole match to the highest quality as he always does and just looked fantastic. He is Prides big match man and I relived for the first time his match against Omega after buying the DVD in Falmouth and let me tell you it was nothing to this match against Low-Ki.

It was a absolute masterclass from the two of them, I loved the slow beginning to build up to such a dramatic match. Tiger was able to match him in speed and was able to hit Low-Ki move for move. It was great to see how far he’s come in the last year and just what he’s able to do now and make it look so good as well. He looked good enough to be in the match, which is a weird thing to say but then you look at the opponent, its bloody Low-Ki one of the top talents in the world and Tiger looked good enough to be there. He was absolutely amazing. He got his ass handed to him though and those chops were horrible.

Best match I’ve seen this year by a country mile.


Winner : Bobbi Tyler


I was slightly distracted from the match as I was trying to sort a problem out with my phone but it was much the same as the night before. I felt like it did step up a gear compared to the one before but I didn’t feel the chemistry was there.

Jayde was awesome, like seriously awesome. I adored her from the moment she came out and I think she had a much better back and forth with Bobbi but I still think there was something missing.

I feel like I blinked and missed the ending of the match again which totally sucks, I don’t know if Bobbi has like a really hard hitting but extremely fast move that you can honestly miss just by blinking but before I knew it the match was over. I did like the match much more then the night before but there is still that feeling that Bobbi at times is just Bobbi. She doesn’t really come out with a character, she showed more character in this match then the night before but it stopped when she went in the ring.

Much better match then the night before though and I love Jayde.


Winner : Bram


Fantastic main event to a amazing evening.

I did have some doubts to how Tyler Hawke would work in the match but he ended up separating to fight with Bram and did a good job, he wasn’t quite able to match Bram like Tiger does but he put up a good fight. I was happy they didn’t use his lack in height and weight against him and he was able to just fight them, he was really at his best during the match as well which was awesome to see because Tyler is a great guy and a bloody good wrestler.

Completely missed what Ryan and Gideon were doing but they went up the raised area to fight whilst Bram and Tyler were fighting in front of us on the floor, when they all slowly came back to the ring it wasn’t long before Hawke was eliminated which left Eddie Ryan to fight the good Superhero fight against the oncoming beat down from Gideon and Bram. Really liked the use of weapons during the match specially to attempt to take down Eddie Ryan, the fact that Bram and Gideon just got too cocky and Ryan was able to pin and eliminate Gideon but Gideon never truly left the match. It all worked really well.

Would love to see a one-on-one match between Bram and Ryan, this is the second time they have come face to face in a no-DQ elimination match and its always good to see them square off but I think we’re overdue a singles competition between them. Gideon distracted Ryan a few times and took out/kidnapped refs to help Bram win.

There was no Piledriver through a table this time out but man did they put on a good fight. Bram wins again which is perfect but he nearly lost a few times if he didn’t have his buddy at ring side. He goes on to face James Storm in Plymouth for the title.



Stunning anniversary show and a great way for the guys to start off their 5th year as a company. The show looks completely different from this time last year, still some similar faces but a few new ones as well.

Tiger came out for the Meet & Greet even though he was injured which once again proves we don’t deserve him.

So many good matches but it is was the Tiger/Low-Ki match that just outshone everything else.  Low-Ki is amazing and Tiger really showed his skills once more, he’s come so far and honestly proved once more why he’s a hidden gem in the UK that really deserves to go so far. Its hard to pick anyone other then Tiger being the man of the night he really did put on a great fight even with his dodgy knee, really overly impressed with that guy just when I think he can’t impress me anymore.

Love the Corn Exchange, its a great venue and really adds so much to the night, it was a fantastic crowd too and it was lovely to see so many kids getting involved and falling in love with the wrestlers.

One of their best shows to date, I think they did a great job of spreading out their big name wrestlers through the night to keep the momentum going all night. The unpredictable nature of when Bram will have to drop the belt was great as you truly didn’t know whether he’d win or lose and Bram is so good that no matter who he’s in the ring with he has a first class match.

Brilliant night all round.

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I am saying it at the end of every blog but I again apologise for everything being really late and for anything that sounds overly drippy, moany or bitchy… I’m finding it hard to concentrate or be positive to be honest, I did love this show though, man was it fun.

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