WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Canadian Qualifiers

So yes I haven’t been right on top of the qualifiers but hopefully this one gets out in a good amount of time and I can then keep on top of things a lot better. Everything since Chain Reaction HAS been reviewed and to see the reviews which came out quietly as I got so very far behind on everything just go up to the wrestling tab at the top of the page and click on the new WCPW section.

Winner : Michael Elgin

I remember a long time ago when I was obsessed with Rene Dupree…. Which is a bad thing to be writing after my Obsessive Personality blog and not quite as obsessed as the people I mean in that blog, or for example Adam Pacitti who I just had to mention of course, but I did love him. I also fell in love with Michael Elgin in the match at State of Emergency so this was a match that I was really looking forward to!

I never realised how big Dupree is though, he’s giant compared to Elgin and he really had problems trying to put Elgin down. At times nothing Elgin did really phased Dupree but at the same time nothing Dupree did could put Elgin down for the three count. It was a interesting dynamic which lead to the match being slightly shorter then I thought it would be when Dupree got angry and brought a chair into play getting himself disqualified.

Thought the match was very interesting, different from what I thought it would be though I’m not really sure what I thought it would be. It never really felt like it started before it was ending but this time that is a bit of a compliment because it was a great match that left me wanting more from them both. I liked the DQ finish too for some reason. Good opening match.

Winner : Harry Smith

FTM’s promo before the match was crazy. I couldn’t help but like him for it because it was the most odd thing I’ve seen in a while. I was always on the guys side though because I really don’t like Harry Smith. I have a irrational hatred of Smith that I can’t get over. I seriously hate seeing him on my screen.

His promo was that of a face, he came out fighting as a heel against a obvious heel and was kinda boring. I have no interest in Harry Smith but I did find FTM quite interesting.

I feel this match and the match later with Harry Smith are just going to be boring for me because they have him in it, I just can’t be impartial. I hate the man for no good reason. Would love to see FTM again sometime though.

Winner : Mike Bailey

Was excited for the match but probably the only person that watched it and kind of thought “meh”, it felt more to me like we were watching them training for the match then anything else. It was disjointed, more so on Baileys side, he reminded me of a young wrestler we have down here that is full of energy but sometimes he lets it take him out of the match so he’s always a step too far ahead which leads to his moves hitting to the side of his opponent because he’s in the wrong position or else just botching moves completely.

That isn’t to say I didn’t see the talent in both of them it was a fun match and I’d love to see both guys again just not in a match together. For me I loved Bailey more, I liked his character more and whilst I think his mixture of his Martial Arts with the wrestling didn’t gel well in this match I did like his kicks and thought his energy was a positive. I just enjoyed watching him more.

It was a OK match, nothing special and I felt it went on too long. It felt exhausting watching it, like they were throwing absolutely everything at the wall to see if it stuck and it was mentally draining watching it which then had the effect of making me have no attention span for the next match because I was all wrestled out and it wasn’t even THAT good of a match. That’s just me though.

Winner : Kyle O’Reilly

The absolute opposite of the match before OTHER THEN it once more drained me because it felt like they played every single story they could into the match and did everything they could and it felt like it went on forever much like the match before just in a different way. Whilst I thought the wrestling was much better in this match, and it probably just shows what kind of wrestling I prefer more then anything else, it felt like they could have done slightly less and still have had, for me, one of the matches of the night.

Really liked O’Reilly who stood out for me in the match, I thought I was going to like Dux a lot but after watching the match twice, because I was so drained watching the first I needed to a second to try and put my opinion into words, I can’t really say what he did. I loved O’Reilly for much the same reason I like ZSJ without the things that annoy me about ZSJ. I loved that he went for a multitude of submission moves, I liked the slower pace with the much harder hitting move sets and the story that will no doubt go over into O’Reilly’s next match of the punishment he’s taking in the match being his weakness.

Happy that O’Reilly won and was sad that Dux didn’t leave a bigger impression. A much better match then the one before it though.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

I loved their first match so was happy that in general it lived up to that one.

Ending was weak but after thinking about it was the perfect way not only to get Kidd the win but to bring some animosity into a third bout between the two. ZSJ controlled the vast majority of the match when Kidd reverted to his cocky young guy routine which jarred seeing I thought his story was growing up enough to be able to win a match, you’d want to see a slightly more humbled Kidd but instead he was much more distracted then he was the first time they felt.

What I loved about the match was ZSJ losing his cool. I’m not a huge ZSJ fan and can’t say I remember his matches well but I loved seeing him getting angry and just starting to want to hurt Gabriel Kidd, I loved that he wasn’t just intent on sticking a submission on him and getting him to tap out but basically rolling him up into odd shapes and hurting him before he beat him for the title. I like that the anger was what ended up having him lose the match and that he then got pissy and started throwing shit around. Didn’t like him getting back in the ring, even though there wasn’t actually a handshake and it was more to set up a inevitable third match between the two I’d have preferred he choked Kidd out or just stormed off and had Kidd shouting about a third match behind him.

Was a good match though, really enjoyed it and loved the moment that Kidd picked ZSJ up from the Triangle hold. Still love Gabriel Kidd so much.

Winner : Michael Elgin

Honestly was disappointed I had to sit through a Michael Elgin match and hate it because I just can’t be impartial but there wasn’t much to like about it. Smith continued to be a dick in the match, and before anyone says anything no I don’t hate him because he was being a dick in this tournament or because I’ve seen him be a heel before I just dislike the man greatly for no reason whatsoever, him being a dick didn’t make me care much and him imitating a load of old wrestlers was just boring and cringy instead of interesting.

The match was just there. It had Harry Smith in it and someone from work added me to Facebook which was much more interesting for me then this.

I can’t be impartial so its a bloody good thing that Elgin went through.

Winner : Mike Bailey

Really thought that Bailey worked better with O’Reilly then he did Banks.

The whole story about O’Reilly being injured was all fine and good but seemed to be forgotten half way through the match. I liked how it did really look like O’Reilly let Bailey run himself out of steam with all the fast moves and the kicks and knee strikes before beating the absolute shit out of him.

When the match became about O’Reilly doing his best to get the Armeggedon attached to Bailey it became one of the most interesting matches of the night because it was a battle to see if Bailey could keep his arm away from O’Reilly. At one point it looked like O’Reilly was going for it but Bailey held on to his trousers to keep his arm from being straightened, the commentators completely missed it but it was so interesting and watching O’Reilly go from trying to get Bailey’s arm free to a ankle lock was awesome.

Not sure I care much for the Shooting Star Knee finisher but will be interesting to see him up against some of the other people in the World Cup. Really like Bailey.

Winner : Joe Hendry

I really honestly love the new Joe Hendry, I love how violent and in control he is. The beatings he can take and then dish out one 20 times worse is just wonderful. He is by far one of the highlights of 2017 so far and his title reign hopefully will last longer then until HendryMania where he faces Martin Kirby in a re-match for the title.

El Ligero as everyone knows isn’t one to slouch and I loved that even though he’s the good guy he was able to use Hendry’s own tactics against Hendry in the match without even thinking about it. There was no morally right road to take because he was fighting bloody Joe Hendry who deserved to be hit in the face with a chair or given his own low below. The match was crazy and it was nice that the ref let so much happen, of course the ref then went down which let even more happen, so either way we got lots of shenanigans from the two of them but with no interference which I thought was great because even if he took a few shortcuts in the match… So did Ligero and Hendry still came up trumps.

Ending of the match was poor though. Not sure what the ref was doing, El Ligero had grabbed hold of the ropes, whether it was a accident and he was meant to just brush the ropes like he did not too long before that or not I don’t know but as far as I understand the second someone grabs hold of the ropes you are meant to let go not pull them from the ropes, still in the Hendry Lock, and continue what you were doing. I was screaming at my laptop for a good while for Hendry to drop down on the Hendry Lock as he held it too high for too long but when he finally dropped down, even though the ref should technically be making him remove the submission, I was happy to see him win with it.

Missed not having a Freak of Nature and I really want to see him adopt the Angle Slam and call it the Hero Slam or even the Wanker Slam. Its just something I will moan about till the end of time.

Great match between the two, loved Kirby coming down to save Ligero at the end and hoping their match is just as good at HendryMania.


David Bradshaw and Alex Shane back together made me happy. I’ve enjoyed the commentary teams recently but these two just have me in tears at times. They have great chemistry. Shane was on fire tonight with the jokes, loved it.

As I said it was a hard one for me because I hate Harry Smith and then found the two first round matches on the second half of the bracket too much that it just drained my enjoyment a little. It picked up much more in the second part of the event though and the main event was just amazing.

Still loving the World Cup, it gives me a chance to see wrestlers I don’t usually see and whilst I didn’t enjoy the matches as much in this Qualifier as I have in previous ones its nice to see different styles and people just being highlighted. The two guys that go forward now can mix with even different guys and I’ll be interested to see what happens with Bailey in particular because there are a few names already through that I think he could have a good match with and there are some I’d be a bit worried about.

For me the English qualifier was still the best but maybe that was because I knew more of the wrestlers in that one and enjoyed their styles more. I don’t know.

What I got out of this was that I want to see more ZSJ getting real angry at people very soon.

For those who don’t know I have actually published all the WCPW event reviews now that I was meaning to do since all the way back in March…. I just didn’t make a fuss about them being posted and had them archived back close to when they were released because I’m that kind of person that wants to make you work for things. I am up to date though with the reviews with No Regrets, the Mexician Qualifier and this review all coming out today, I won’t be around for HendryMania as I’m working but hopefully I’ll keep up to date with them now that I’ve got over the backlog of stuff I’ve

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