Pride Promotions : Falmouth

I wasn’t planning on going to this event but as it was a Saturday and you can get back to Plymouth from Falmouth on a Saturday we did venture down to see the show. A much smaller show for Pro Wrestling Pride but which boasted a re-match for the Pride title when Bram returned to take on Ultimo Tiger.

Winner : Joel Redman

Overall it was a great match and I enjoyed it. I think Tyler Hawke when he’s at his best is absolutely amazing to watch and with Redman now as a bad guy it makes for a wonderful dynamic in the match. Whilst I understand the story of Hawke being vastly over powered by Redman I do feel it stopped Hawke from really showing off, he doesn’t really need to play the smaller man in a match, like Tiger he’s way too talented for his height and weight difference to be a big thing. It feels like they are really working on making Redman look like a big powerful bully maybe to be taken down a peg in the future by someone like Eddie Ryan or Chris Andrews so I guess in the long run this kind of match was more important for Redman then it was for Hawke.

The match went slightly too long for me, whilst I enjoyed the match and the dynamic I think the spark wasn’t there so it felt a bit repetitive, it could have done with a few minutes at the end chopped off. When it comes to the ending whilst it was good to see Redman cheating I also felt it was badly positioned to make sure that everyone could see it happening, the ring was on a stage so a lot of the moves were done to that side so we could see it but it was forced and didn’t come across as natural as it should have.

Personally I think the match set the tone for the night. It didn’t set the world on fire, it felt a bit like a B-Show the night before the A-Show but it was good, worth coming down to Falmouth to see and showcased off the talent Pride have very well. Hawke wasn’t at his best but props to him because he changed his style to suit the ongoing story of the big bully Redman being able to throw him around without giving up too much of his own individual style. I also think its important to note that just because I found the ending to be unnatural and forced doesn’t take away from the fact that Owen worked really hard to make his positioning perfect for not only not noticing the legs on the rope but earlier in the match to see the foot on the ropes. He himself had the problem of limited area to work in so that the crowd could see the raised ring and action inside and he did a good job.

Great opening match but not the best we could get from either.


Winners : John Harding & Mad Dog Vinnie Clay & Kelly Sixx

Typical 6-man bout. I love them, you know I love them but it was a little underwhelming.

Not really sure why the UK Dominator had to come down with Knott, Gideon and Hellmer, I would have preferred they had just been thrown together and didn’t really work out as a team but they actually worked alright as a team. Knott was the absolute best on his team though, his reactions and just personality in general made the team work.

There wasn’t anything special about it, made me personally sad that I don’t get to see Kelly Sixx as much as I used to as he has always managed to bring something new and impressive to every match I’ve seen.

Lots of quick tags from Knott, Gideon and Hellmer keeping both Mad Dog and Harding separated from their corner for large parts of the match, Dom was really only there to be the pantomime bad guy helping at ringside when Owen was distracted, something I feel Knott could have done on his own, whenever Sixx was in the match no one could keep up with the guy. Wasn’t the weakest match of the night but nothing memorable happened which was sad because it had some really cool guys in it.

Winner : Bram

We have now got three absolutely amazing matches from these two but maybe challenging Bram to yet another No-DQ match was going too far for Tiger who lost his belt in the tamer of the three matches but he still got Piledrive’d through a table.

Yes, Bram managed to Piledrive someone through a table because he is Bram and that is what he does.

Best match of the night by far, not hard to imagine it was going to be the best match. Tiger has found a absolute new platform he performs at and really brings it to these big show matches, nice to see Bram is around in Pride for a while as a regular so it gives a bit of a unpredictability to when he’d drop it unlike last time when it was obvious he’d drop it.

Loved their use of the building, its a small place and I didn’t know how good it would be for a No-DQ but they as always found a way to utilize it to its absolute best. Tiger falling down the stairs was amazing, how the guy does these things without messing himself up horribly I don’t know but he fell down them like a pro. Once again even though he’s tiny compared to Bram Tiger didn’t give up at all and he stood toe-to-toe with Bram and gave better then he got given. I will always praise Tiger for not just being a fast guy, when he’s up against someone like Bram he doesn’t just run rings around him he plays to their strengths and matches those strengths no matter what he gives up to them.

Tiger vs Bram… Like seriously there aren’t many better matches then these two give.

Winner : Bobbi Tyler

I feel bad because I felt like I blinked and missed the ending but to be honest it was the weakest match of the night as well.

I loved Hayter, I think she’s one of the best female wrestlers we’ve seen in Pride. Her character is great, interaction with the fans is amazing and in ring she’s fun to watch. Bobbi I adore but I find her inconsistent in-ring. I feel she’s very generic at times which leads to boring matches, unfortunately this was one of them, whilst other times she can be really interesting and the match can be great.

I honestly don’t remember too much of the match because it never felt like either stepped it up to second gear let alone beyond that. Whilst the night did feel like the night before a giant show the matches still felt important whilst this one, a actual championship match, didn’t feel important at all. Shame because after a few minutes of seeing Hayter I thought this would be amazing but suddenly I realised it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

Winner : Tyler Hawke

Great Rumble. I think Pride did a wonderful job of making it work, all the guys in it deserve all the credit in the world. Its just not a stage that really accommodate this kind of match, again they had to play to one half of the ring which actually worked for the overall winners story of surviving but also meant every single elimination had to be at the front end of the ring meaning most of the match was being had at the front end of the ring.

We are so lucky that maybe the rest of the world don’t see the talent the West-Country have but we as fans certainly do and they made this work so well.

Loved seeing Keizer get involved, dude is one of the coolest guys and always been a favourite of mine. Nice to see him back in the ring. The bad guys teaming up and the comedy in them accidentally eliminating each other was brilliant and made the match very fun.

Sad that Mad Dog came in and was pretty much instantly out, its difficult seeing him in the two different situations I see him in. Here he’s still kind of paying his way in the company so he takes the losses and he isn’t at this moment going to get a big moment, that is absolutely fine but it just makes me laugh because on the other hand in PWA I’m talking about that company seriously SERIOUSLY needing to push him as one of their top guys. I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s used to his best in Pride but it is a different level and I personally think he’s doing a bloody brilliant job on the steep learning curve he has to work with.

I’m never going to apologise for all the praise I heap on him by the way, if you ever saw him yourself you’d be full of praise for the guy. Its exciting to see him climb up the ladder in the West-Country.

Also Max Wilson is great. I believe he’s one of Tyler’s trainees and he did a great job in the rumble, really honestly hope we’ll get to see more of him. Feel we have a future star on our hands.

It was obvious very early on when Tyler Hawke huddled in a back corner and didn’t really do much else that he’d win, absolutely obvious when Redman came out last. It was a feel good moment for anyone who supports Hawke, of which I am one of those people, but for me I also worried a little. He was being put into a match with Gideon, Eddie Ryan and Bram the next night and after he was being beaten up like a junior weight who doesn’t mean much in a match with Redman earlier I was really worried that he’d be the guy in the match just to be beat up by the big guys or that he’d be made to look really weak then suddenly win out of nowhere. I kind of wanted Redman or Harding in the match more then Hawke. I also felt really bad for that.


I really liked the Poly Theatre, it was a interesting place to see a Pride show, obviously I’m much used to even smaller Pride shows seeming much grander then they possibly should but this was just on another level. It had the majority of their top talent there, a big title change which no one really saw coming and a big addition to a giant match for the night after.

Won’t surprise anyone that my match of the night was Bram vs Tiger, those two just work so well together and every single match they have is magical. I was so excited to see yet another Bram vs Tiger match and they gave us something different once more. The Piledriver through the table was just sick and I was really honestly in tears when Tiger lost. Loved after the match that Bram just got on the mic and was running his mouth about he’ll take the belt back to America with him and Pride will need to spend over the top to bring him back which made Darren promise Bram that he’ll find someone who will take the belt from him. The fact that Bram’s schedule doesn’t seem to be set yet as he keeps being added to shows in the UK makes it exciting because when he got the belt last year you kind of knew he’d have to drop it someway before he left again but even though he’s saying he’s only here for two more shows you just don’t know what could happen because he isn’t actually going back right away.

Even though I’ve only seen Bram with Pride a couple times he feels like a regular in some strange way and he seems to love wrestling with them too. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet at a Meet & Greet and so damn cool to watch in the ring just beating the crap out of people with a big smile on his face. Adds a much needed edge to the show as Pride don’t really have a bad guy at the moment, I mean they have Gideon who is much more methodical and theatrical and Dom who is much more a panto villain, Bram is just a big nasty bugger who will fuck you right up in seconds and when the guys he’s going up against are people the crowd just adore like Ultimo Tiger, Tyler Hawke or Eddie Ryan you need that badass character.

I’m hoping this guys name is Max Wilson because, if you haven’t guessed I’m working on a few reviews at once, I talk about him in all three of the Pride shows I’ve been to in the last two weeks and he was actually really good. I mean sure he didn’t do too much but man is there potential there, just get rid of the bright green tights as soon as you can dude because fluorescent green is horrible. Nice to see a new face, especially one with a lot of potential.

Liked the evening even with a few weaker matches, the atmosphere was very different as well but it was just a fun night out. I’ve never really liked watching wrestling when the ring is on a stage but Pride didn’t do too badly in making it not feel terrible.

Nice to see Kelly Sixx as well for the first time since I completely lost my shit over him being in WCPW. For anyone who reads this who has never been to see Sixx live trust me he is so much better live then on TV and he’s bloody fantastic on TV, or live streaming on YouTube as it is but as WhatCulture is about the only thing I watch its TV to me…

Really good night over all.

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