PWA : History of Wrestling Mini-Lecture

In the week of PWA’s anniversary show they gave a little mini-lecture on the last 500 years of wrestling. I went along because with three matches and a history lesson how could I ever say no?


I absolutely adored the lecture. I love history, if I haven’t mentioned that 100 times before, and find learning about things fascinating. As a wrestling fan most of the digging I’ve done is on the sports entertainment side, I know a little about wrestling through the ages due to it just popping up here and there but it was just so interesting to learn more about it.

If you’ve been to a show down this way you probably know George, absolutely top bloke and he was captivating to listen to. He made it fun so you didn’t feel like you were back at school being taught something and it probably helped that we all do know him and know his absolute passion for wrestling.

At the end of the lecture we had the set up for the night. A best out of three competition between George and the UK Dominator, whoever loses had to shut up. George got to pick four wrestlers, two singles and a tag team, and Dom got to pick four….

Winner : El Diablo Loco

Vinnie Clay really is just amazing to watch. It was a entertaining match, to be absolutely honest other then the final match the whole thing was just a bit of fun and watching Mad Dog running after El Diablo Loco was the best way to start the wrestling off.

When the comedy started to drop off, though it never really did with El Diablo’s terrible accent, the match was really good. Mad Dog once again showed why he’s one of the best up and coming talents in the West Country.

It made sense in the long run for Mad Dog to lose, the story of the night being Dom vs George and with the Kings Court in a match I guess I knew deep down Mad Dog was gonna lose this one but he really did give more then he got and just outclassed El Diablo and his terrible accent and very bright outfit. The guy is a superstar in every single way and just absolutely steals the match he’s in.

Winners : The Kings Court

This match was such a laugh, I think one thing about this match was that Jason King and the UK Dominator were just enjoying themselves more then anything. It was a bit of fun for them.

I haven’t seen the Reject for a while, haven’t mentioned him since getting his name wrong whilst naming him one of the best wrestlers of 2016 and getting told off about it, it was so cool seeing him in the ring again though and the Reject character is actually really good for Harrison. He’s kind of transformed from a bratty, mouthy little shit to a bratty little shit that sulks in a corner. I like how he was the butt of the joke really in so far as Dom could ONLY find him and didn’t really want to tag with him himself, whilst it could have played out wrong and made Harrison look like a joke I personally think it made him look a sight cooler. Really hope to see much more of him this year.

Really good tag team match but if anything it once more showed off how we’re so lucky to have one of the best all round performers in the UK, I mean I personally would say in the world but I’m sure someone would tell me I’m being stupid so I’ll just scale it back to the UK at the moment, in Jason King performing for us all the time. He’s just good at everything and has so much personality that you can’t not have a opinion on him. I loved that he was so relaxed and just enjoying himself because he got to show off in a completely different way to what he usually does. Adam Flint unfortunately always seems to get a little lost when it comes out to dishing out praise but he’s improved so much in the year I’ve been watching him and is fast becoming the must see part of the Kings Court in ring. He doesn’t have the personality of Jason King, no one in the world could possibly live up to his mass of charisma I think, but he doesn’t get lost to it either and his talent in ring speaks for itself.

The Kings Court are just my favourite thing in the world.

Winner : Adira

I fucking cried. Adira is back and not only is she back she’s back and kicking ass like she never left us. The woman is by far the most entertaining and interesting wrestler I’ve ever seen and WE NEED MORE OF HER! I am fully for female’s entering into competitive matches with males, I’m the kind of person that thinks its totally different if a woman puts herself in a fight with a man and Adira is tougher then a lot of the men down this way.

Jamie Pearn had no chance…

But it was nice to see him too! He’s calmed down a lot since the last time I saw him, I think one thing that always kind of got on my wick was he was too fast to play to the crowd and get them on side and took his eye off the game and it wasn’t always for story telling purpose, sometimes he’d play to the crowd and it would take forever and just feel unnatural. He seemed less hectic and it made for better watching, then again he also got beat up quite badly.

Please tell me Adira is going to be doing a lot more this year because I can’t stand another year without her.


Terrible review I know. Its the one I’m working on right now that not only is the one I went to longest ago but also the one I accidentally deleted all the photos from so couldn’t really remember too much of what happened. I mean a theme of all the reviews even ones with over 2000 photos will be my brain is just really bad at the moment so I’m writing more about how I felt then anything else because I just can’t write.


I decided to write it anyway because it was a good night, three terrific matches that were more about just highlighting the talent in the West-Country and the talent of PWA more then anything else. Everyone was having a good time from the wrestlers to the fans. Really would love to hear more lectures from George on wrestling, a brief history was fun but if he ever did anything else I’d love to hear it because he’s a fascinating speaker, thank you so much for the print out of the evening too by the way I honestly loved it and have it kept safe because I really am a sucker for these kind of things!

In fact quick trivia on me was that I was going to go to University and study history as I love history so much, wanted to teach history. Two reasons why that never happened. 1, I’m incapable of being in a classroom environment after years of being bullied and made to be in one and 2, I actually hate people so teaching wasn’t really going to be a good thing for me. So yes anything to do with any kind of history I love more then anything.

The match of the night was the tag team match but boy did I love Adira’s return. She’s just the greatest.

Thank you very much to Plymouth Wrestling Association for the entertaining evening.

Follow them…

Facebook : PlymouthWrestling
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Twitter : @PlymWrestling

And I do have one or two photos of the night mainly from Facebook though so if you follow me on Facebook you will already have seen them.

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