PWA : 8th Anniversary Show

This is extremely late and I apologise for that as I have quite a lot over the last few weeks. PWA celebrated their 8th anniversary in April with a great show with appearances from T-Bone and the UK Hooligans.

Winner : Orion

Going to be totally honest here and say I’m not sure I can be unbiased with this match. I had absolutely no idea who Orion was, my fault for missing one show I guess, but he just wasn’t anywhere near the level of Grayson Reeves either or if he was he didn’t show it.

I am so biased to Grayson Reeves though simply because he went from being the guy I hated because I thought he was terrible to being the must watch guy at every event within months! I have never changed my mind so drastically in such a short period of time on someone like I did with Grayson so I’m very honest about how biased I am of him now.

The match was truly just underwhelming though, not a good way to start the anniversary show off at all.

Orion isn’t a terrible wrestling I think it was just bad story telling. It looked like a underdog tale but I just didn’t care for him at all, it was like because he was dressed as a power ranger I was meant to get behind him or something? Maybe I really did miss something fantastical that would make me want him to beat by far one of the most talented guys in PWA when I missed the last show but what I didn’t see that show and he didn’t do anything to make me care in the match. I mean the hurricanrana that ended the match was such a boring and poorly executed move that I wanted to punch a wall when it put Grayson out for a three count.

I think what I’m saying is that Orion was underwhelming, for Reeves to lose the belt he’d held for over 12 months in that manner… It just sucked and really ruined the feel good anniversary feel right out of the gates for me.


Winner : Mad Dog Vinnie Clay

Now if the first match ruined the feeling of the night for me then this match did something completely different. It might not have brought back that feeling that you kind of wanted from the evening but it filled me personally with a warm fuzzy glow seeing two of the top young stars in the West-Country have one of the stand out matches of the night. In fact behind the championship match this was the best match.

They work so well together, I liked that we got to see a lot of offence from the Reject, he controlled not only the pace of the match but the storytelling. He brought in the trainees after attacking one in the front row and even though they then lingered at ringside he kept the match controlled in the ring keeping Mad Dog grounded, whilst Mad Dog knew him well enough to have some of his moves scouted Harrison himself had the reversals for those moves scouted. It was a very well thought out match with a wonderful story to it.

The Reject is a wonderfully interesting character and in ring he’s such a psychological wrestler breaking down his opponent slowly. Its so fun to watch and being in a match with a guy like Vinnie Clay who you are constantly watching because he can pull out a move from thick air and change the direction of the match in absolute milliseconds made it just so much more intense.

It was a pleasure to watch the match and reminded me just how bright the future of wrestling is.

Not only was it the Rejects debut for PWA, other then the mini-lecture on the Tuesday I guess, it was also the show that did the one thing I didn’t think they’d do so fast.

They turned Vinnie Clay.

After winning the match, and he did win it without any shenanigans or anything, he turned on the trainees. He went from being the face of PWA to the face of something completely different and did it so perfectly. I’ve always loved the versatility of the Mad Dog character, he can slip into any role he needs to fill and I think its the perfect time to slip into the role he now has gone into and fill a gap that PWA needed filling badly.

These two are absolute stars. PWA are so lucky to have them both.


Winner : Dick Riley

The opening segment of this match was funny as hell but killed the match for me. It took so long to get T-Bone to remove his chains that by the time the jokes had faded, the chains were off and he got down to fighting a bloody fantastic match against one of my absolute favourite wrestlers in the world at the moment I had no interest in it.

Its sad that I say that but like there is only so much fooling around I can take before the wrestling even starts and the joke got old very quickly.

Really good match when it got going, always great to see Dick in singles matches (he has a new t-shirt out I’m gonna buy when I get paid you should check it out HERE because its hilarious and Riley is well worth supporting) and a shame that my interest had been killed. Loved that Dick got the win though he really was the highlight of the match and I’m still in awe of how easy he makes launching himself off of the ropes look. The man is a spectacle to watch.

Don’t get me wrong I love T-Bone, think he’s amazing and when the match got going I was into it. Of all the matches though this one was the one I couldn’t make any notes on when I got home because all I could remember was waiting for something to happen.


Winners : The Kings Court

Going straight in with the unpopular opinion. I do not like the UK Hooligans half as much as the rest of the world do. I personally felt it was a waste of a tag team championship match, I felt it was purely there to showcase how good the Hooligans are at brawling against two teams who are so very good in the ring and one team that is SO VERY GOOD IN RING that it wasted a decent match to have a free for all involving a team whose biggest appeal to everyone around me seemed to be that they were big and hurt people a lot.

Don’t get me wrong when they actually wrestled the Hooligans were good but I personally just felt like I wasn’t given a reason to care other then I’m a wrestling fan so should care about the Knight family because. As I said it was very much a showcase of what they did best and I’m really happy for the Renegades and the Kings Court to be able to have that match experience with such a juggernaut of a British team but as a fan whose emotional attachment was to those two teams I kinda wanted to see a match instead of how much punishment the four men could take.

That’s my only complaint though because carnage and me are best friends and I absolutely loved the match whilst being conflicted about what I just said.

Adam Flint was the absolute MVP of the match. He was slammed into the seating area by one of the Hooligans, he took all sorts of nasty bumps but he was always in the thick of the action and was integral for getting the Kings Court the win after pinning a Renegade. Easy to chant for Jason King who has the massive personality but we as fans never forget that absolute talent and just durability of Adam Flint who is a kick ass little guy.

Very conflicted about the match, again I think its one of those things that I have a bit of a weird view on the world so for me I just wanted to see a great wrestling match from one of the best wrestlers in the UK today, I didn’t get to see that and felt it was a slight waste of Jason King and you CAN have these kinds of matches and showcase good wrestling (look at all three of Bram vs Ultimo Tiger matches) but it really was just a ass kicking and whilst I loved the match because mayhem and all that shit I also am a sucker for a good Jason King match. The man is magical in the ring and personally I felt we didn’t get to see him do his thing which obviously makes me sad.


Winner : Eddie Ryan

No contest the match of the night. It was like the battle of the Suplexes, Eddie Ryan has always had the most beautiful German Suplex I’ve ever seen whilst Lekime is a Suplex machine and it was nice to see that Eddie Ryan’s is still the most superior German Suplex in the world (maybe a exaggeration but I haven’t exaggerated on how great Eddie is in awhile so give me that one.)

I said it in the above about the tag team match, I just like wrestling to be honest. Of course I have my attention caught by shiny things but I have always been a huge Eddie Ryan fan because he’s just straight up one of the most amazing in ring guys I’ve ever seen. Boring as hell on the mic the few times I’ve heard him, I do love you though Eddie I promise, but in ring is the most fascinating guy to watch. Lekime is the same and boy was this match amazing.

So happy to see Eddie win the title again, I’ve never seen him hold it so this will be the first title reign I get to witness from him in PWA. I like that this event gave him a lot of options to face in the future but boy is he not going to have such a tough opponent as Lekime again. That guy is just a beast. Those Superkicks from Ryan though…



Didn’t feel like their anniversary shows usually do, probably my own fault for missing a show or else just not being able to get into the feeling being in the same building we always were.

Take away from it actually being a big event and it was OK. I have no problems with the actual results, I might sulk that Grayson lost but more in the manner that he lost rather then he did actually lose. I think the tag team match was a waste of talent but OK for what it was meant to be. Loved the main event and adored Clay vs Harrison.

The Reject and Adam Flint were the men of the night, two great performances. Adam Flint out performed absolutely everyone in his match just by being the only constant in it. That guy deserves so much more credit then he gets, I do apologise that I don’t say how fantastic he is enough but boy is he good. Blake Harrison is someone everyone should keep their eyes on because he’s getting better by the day and I think he’s found the perfect character for himself.

Ryan vs Lekime was hands down the best match by a country mile followed by Clay vs Harrison as I said above. I like wrestling matches as much as I love stories in my matches and those two told a story whilst putting on two helluva fights. My personal taste was very much not shared by the majority of people I talked to who thought those two matches were OK but the tag team match was better so it depends what you like I guess.

LOVED the turn from Mad Dog, best thing to happen all night. Very naturally done, didn’t feel forced like when they had to wake us up to care that Max Alexander had apparently turned. Best place for him to be at the moment in PWA with someone like Eddie Ryan with the belt.

I truly loved Tyler Hawke vs Rob Lekime, I feel this is the only other great match PWA have allowed him to have since beating Hawke, he very much felt like a transitional champion to get the belt off of Hawke who left the company not long after and put it back on the actual face of wrestling in Plymouth, I feel that was the wrong way to play it though I do feel like it was the right sequence of events. I’m honestly lost to where PWA are going right now which is great because it means you are always trying to guess who they are going to bring out but if we’re going to get anyone coming up to face Eddie Ryan I do hope they slowly build up for Ryan vs Reeves. I’m not sure Reeves should win it anytime soon but I feel they need at least ONE story that burns through a few events like Lekime being a shit bag and Reeves maybe winning a number one contenders match or some kind of MitB style contenders match and dangling it in front of Ryan’s face whilst always being the ass hole would be fun. I just hope they don’t rush through a lot of their young and very talented younger guys extremely fast and I don’t want to see Mad Dog vs Ryan at all until probably next year. That sounds a real long time but PWA shows are still pretty much once every two months so in actuality it isn’t very long at all and probably doesn’t give them enough time to really push Mad Dog to be that top bad guy that I’d love to see take down the English Lion at the next anniversary show but I’d still rather see that as the next BIG match, see Ryan hold that belt for the year and see Reeves get a shot, lose, and have to rebuild himself before seeing Ryan and Mad Dog.

Then again I have no idea what they are going to do. For me that seems the sensible thing. Reeves is a good slimy ass hole who is perfect to go up against basically Plymouth’s Superhero but just looking at them you know Eddie Ryan could kick his ass. They would put on one hell of a match as well but keep the audience waiting for it.

The second Eddie Ryan defeats the annoying little shit have Mad Dogs music hit and him just coming out and making that statement that he’s next without talking would do him so much good and if there is one match I’d want to see more then Reeves vs Ryan its Clay vs Ryan. I think putting the belt on Vinnie Clay has much more appeal then Reeves because of the nature of their characters, Clay would make such a cool champion whilst Reeves doesn’t really need a belt because he’s so in your face..

What I’m getting at is that with our biggest star holding the belt I think PWA need to make absolute superstars out of the young guys they have. Out of PWA and Pride I do feel PWA have more of that young guys rising up feeling and they need to play on that now but not just feed people to Eddie Ryan. Actually build a story with these guys.

The night was good, love PWA to pieces and the Meet & Greet afterwards was hell of a fun.

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Their next planned show clashes with Pro Wrestling Prides X-Pac show, even if with all the legal problems X-Pac is facing he doesn’t come down unfortunately I am still going to go to the Pride show over PWA because… Well… Ultimo Tiger and Tyler Hawke, plus I guess others will pull double duty or at least I hope Eddie Ryan will because I’d miss him if he didn’t but still… Even if Tiger can’t wrestle still I need to go show my support to him because he’s the best. This is the moment as a fan I wish the companies down here still got on with each other because the first show I went to was pretty much a cross over of PWA and Pride and boy was it fantastic, I know it won’t happen again but as a fan I can wish.

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