So you might have noticed that we’ve gone super quiet recently and I have at least had a few people who know that I’m meant to have had a lot of wrestling reviews up in the last few weeks comment on where they are.

First thing I want to say is it is all my fault. Lucius, who is the only other member of the team who is available to do anything, has done everything he can. Unfortunately I do need to edit his blogs as he has a lot of problems writing so it is my job to edit themΒ before they go out. Everything he was meant to review has been reviewed and the blogs are just piling up on me for which I apologise to him and those who read his reviews.

The reason I’m so behind is that I had a bit of a health scare, my GP made me feel like I was about to be diagnosed with cancer and it played on my mind. Its hard to write when you feel like you are close to having some terrible news handed down to you, thankfully I found out last week its actually something else which I’m going to have to have surgery on. If it was JUST that I might have been OK with the editing at least.


My mental health has been playing up ridiculously recently. I might have talked about it before but I have a obsessive personality where I become all consumed with something. AGAIN that might not have made much of a distraction for me if it had been with a TV show or something like that as it usually is, in fact it might have produced some random blogs out of it, but its something in my personal life with a real life person so its something that I find hard to take my mind off of. That has the knock on effect of messing around with my depression which means I’ll black out for hours on end after being motivated to work and doing a good hour or so of it and when I finally come to I’m so unmotivated its unbelievable.

Of course this then snowballs. At first it was just anime stuff I needed to catch up with THEN I went to a wrestling show then another and another and the WCPW blogs were just piling up too. I look at my drafts right now and I feel sick thinking about it all BUT I do have a lot of time on my hands this week and hoping to finish it all. Tonight I hope to get Lucius’s blogs at least edited so he can look at them, I have done two of the many wrestling blogs I just need to add photos to them and I will over the next 24 hours catch up with MY anime and start the ball rolling on those blogs.

Again I am sorry to Lucius who has taken time out of his life to write what he needed to write and I’m making him look like a asshole.

I’m sorry to anyone expecting my PWA or Pride reviews and being seriously disappointed that they haven’t shown up.

I really am sorry to James who I agreed I would do the WCPW reviews for and never did them.

I had gotten myself last month in a place where I had ideas for loads of things and was starting to piece weekly stuff together and all sorts and its just all crumbled into nothing as it always tends to do on here, I do hope that my mind will settle again, after all my crushes never last for long and my brain always reverts to reminding myself to focus on things I actually can do after a while.

Hopefully in the next few weeks the page will be busy every day once more.


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