WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Mexico Qualifiers

Next Qualifier for the Pro Wrestling World cup is the Mexican leg with legends of Mexican wrestling going head to head for the right to represent Mexico in the finals. Its a show that see’s Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio, Drago, Penta and Juve.


So the man Travis Banks and the Prestigious One come out to tell us all the wonderful things we want to hear like how Travis Banks is going to hit every child in the audience if they annoy him.

Don’t we see a lot of people taking this stand in the ring quite often? I’d like them to do something different next time someone demands something, I liked Pacitti and Bully Ray when they came out and threatened the female wrestlers, it was over the top and even back then I never wanted to see Pacitti attempt to hurt anyone because his attempt to hold someone back in a corner was terrible it was different. It was a proper bad guy thing to do. It wasn’t the same old same old hijacking of the ring.

Poor Plumpy getting beat up again though, I’m sure that is basically all that has happened since he became GM. Also why does this even work? You have a locker room full of wrestlers just send them all down to remove them from the ring, send the actual wrestlers who are meant to be wrestling down to have the match around them.

Winner : Penta El Zero M

I really love the promos at the beginning of the first round matches. I’ve seen Penta El Zero M a few times now, obviously, but just listening to Fenix was great because the guy seemed to sweet. I laughed at Penta’s promo I don’t know why but I did.

Think I said during the No Regrets review that I’m not a big fan of Lucha Libra, I am a much more technical, mat wrestling fan its why it baffles me why I’m not a bigger fan of ZSJ. The opening of this match honestly made me heart so happy and when the did stop focusing on hurting each others legs and sped up it was much more exciting then I thought it would be. I always enjoy Penta matches anyway and they did tell us that these two matched each other really well and they honestly did. Fell in love with Rey Fenix.

I don’t know I was kind of expecting it to be much faster and breathtaking but I was happy that it was much more of a fight with some really cool looking moves from both. Fenix’s many MANY kicks, and you might learn that I love a good kick and one reason I don’t like the Young Bucks, made me excited.

Penta wins with the Fear Factor, wasn’t surprised he went through if I’m honest. Really awesome match to start the night.

Winner : El Ligero

I still seriously need to laugh that they really went through with the El Ligero being Mexican thing, I also laughed at the promos when Drago was giving this real cool promo about who he is and him being at the World Cup and all that and El Ligero was like Mr Bean just shrugging and waving his passport around.

It was a strange match. Pretty cool in places and some great moves from El Ligero, Drago was much cooler then Ligero though and I feel the crowd even though they cheered and wanted to see El Ligero were quite upset he ended up going through. I actually missed whatever happened to get him the win because it was over so fast.

Sad we didn’t get to see Penta vs Drago in the next round as I don’t think we really got to see the best of Drago up against El Ligero but it makes more sense having El Ligero go all the way. Great match. Another match that I really enjoyed as well, really surprised by how slow the matches have been so far I thought they would be much more animated but I’m not complaining because I’m enjoying it greatly.

Winner : Primate

My first thoughts as a giant Scotty Wainwright fan was why would he get into a hardcore match with Primate?! Why oh why?

Then I remembered that Wainwright is seriously one of the most talented guys you’ll ever see and can fight anyone in any style like he was a pro in said style. I’ve seen him kick ass, live, in no-DQ and hardcore matches, I’ve seen him up against legends and some of the best in the world today and he’s never backed down from a fight so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about him.

It was a great match, they beat each other up long before they even bothered to get in the ring and start the match, there were the evil thumbtacks which Primate fed to Scotty, some great moves from Scotty and Bea being at ringside made for some great shenanigans from the two of them. All the respect in the world to Bea for taking the powerbomb onto the thumbtacks and the move that won Primate the matches was absolutely mad.

Wonderful match, the hardcore element was used really well and once more Scotty Wainwright proving why he’s one of the absolute best in the world. I’ve always said I thought he was one of the best in the world and now all you people see it too.

Winner : Rey Mysterio

I am gonna admit fully that I don’t like Rey much, never have and whilst I think that el Patron is one of the greatest wrestlers I’ve ever seen I also think he’s only the greatest when he can be bothered…. So the same problem the rest of the world have with Randy Orton. I’m probably the only person who wasn’t looking forward to this match and just wanted it over so we could get to more interesting matches.

Changed my mind very much on Rey, I think I for some reason always remember the worst of his matches and the most boring of his feuds from WCW and WWE but he really made the match. El Patron was OK but at times was just annoying. I’m happy I changed my mind on Rey to be honest also so happy he went through to the next round because I felt the match didn’t really get over el Patron being a dick. Actually made me want to see more of him outside of what I’ve seen of him in my life.

Never been a fan of the 619 either but happy that el Patron got one to the face.

Winner : Juventud Guerrera

Here is a interesting fact about me, I was meant to see Juventud live in Newton Abbot last year but for various reasons he ended up not at the show, that show was one of my favourites of 2016 AND it was the first time I saw Kelly Sixx in the ring and back then I said that I’m not sad anymore that I didn’t get to see Juventud because I got to find Kelly Sixx who I believed was going to be one of the biggest UK stars very soon. Kelly Sixx as you know also appeared on WCPW once. He’s awesome.

The match? I didn’t find it very interesting. I love Juventud, like I  wouldn’t be seen dead in Newton Abbot for anyone I didn’t like. Not a fan of Newton Abbot at all. The little I’ve seen of El Hijo de dos Caras I quite like as well but it was just a boring match. Nothing really happened and there was nothing to really get interested in. For the longest time I thought we were just going to hear how dos Caras was Alberto’s brother all match long but I even ended up tuning out the commentators after a while.

Well not all the matches can be great.


He comes out to give a motivational speech. He didn’t say anything particularly interesting but it was nice that he got some time to talk about his troubles getting his first win. Happy for him and happy for him to be champion for quite a while. He’s attacked by Travis Banks who finds his match starting with Rampage.

Winner : Rampage

Banks did his best but the majority of the match he did get his ass handed to him by the much bigger Rampage who treated Banks at times more like a annoying fly then a opponent. Not saying anything bad against Banks who is fantastic and really took it to Rampage when he could.

I like that he looked pretty strong in the match. Even when he was doing things that he probably shouldn’t have been doing he was doing it and didn’t need a second person at ring side. I never thought he’d get the win over Rampage but at times I believed he possibly could do it.

Brilliant match and not as one sided as I probably made it sound like it was. Banks kicked ass but he was no match to Rampage.

Winner : Cody Rhodes

I don’t think it was the classic people thought it would be. I felt it was held back a little by both, Rhodes never really got into his top gear and Drew’s biggest strength is just destroying his opponent and I don’t think they wanted to go that way in a dream match like this. It did build up a lot but it also fizzled in many places which was sad.

Was a good fight though, some really good moments but I didn’t really like getting Brandi involved and would have preferred her not to have been put through the table. The whole Drew being the bad guy thing didn’t really do anything for me, the table spot was just silly and had no actual effect. It was just there for the sake of it, the fact that Cody then gave a big speech about him being his friend not that long after putting his wife through a table just didn’t make much sense.

The talent of the two though meant the match was going to be a difficult one to beat though it just wasn’t quite the classic I thought it would be.

Made me laugh when everyone started screaming about Cody Rhodes kicking out of the Future Shock as I’ve seen nearly everyone kick out of the FIRST Future Shock of a match just for Drew to pick them up and spin them around and sometimes have to give them two in a row to put them down, the two false finishes didn’t do anything for me and ruined the then quick roll up finish to win Cody the match.

Winner : Penta El Zero M

I didn’t like the match much, I in fact got bored half way through and started working on something else, I did see the Fear Factor on the ring apron and the one that put Ligero down for the three count. Penta is pretty great though the more I see him the more I get him. I can’t actually remember how I felt about him the other times I’ve seen him but I loved that he tried to be respectful and Ligero wasn’t so at the end he just stuck his middle finger up to Ligero. I was a little worried that he was going to shake his hand because I don’t think Ligero deserved to have his hand shook so happy that he didn’t.

Unlike with the Mysterio match I don’t get why Ligero played it the way he did, with Mysterio he was trying to make a name against his hero but in this match he was just infuriating a guy whose whole thing is that he has no fear.

We’ve seen this match before though and again I can’t remember whether I liked it that time or not either but I just felt like this was all a little boring.

Winner :

Such a absolutely amazing match it really was just great. I absolutely adored Juve as a kid and its like the guy has never aged or lost a single bit of speed. I loved how the two of them showed the story of not liking each other, even when they weren’t actually doing something as long as they were close to each other they were hitting each other. Loved the little kicks they gave each other when they were down.

You never wanted to take your eyes off the match, the two of them knew each other so well and it was more a battle of who could one up the other. A few times I thought Guerrera had it but in the end it wasn’t to be.

I get why the ending was as quick as it was but it took me out of the match that the 619 and frog splash just kinda happened.

If I felt like Galloway/Rhodes didn’t deliver something special this match really did.

Winner : Joe Hendry

Interesting match up for Kirby’s first defense of the title.

Loved the drama of the match, everyone adores Kirby because he’s the guy that never gives up ever, the storytelling in the match was just on another level. The commentating team really made it too, Bennett and Striker arguing over when what was going on crosses the line from a wrestling match and assault, Bradshaws anger and disgust at every underhand thing that Hendry did. Also just how quiet the audience went during it.

It was almost too dramatic but it makes a interesting story going forward for the two of them.

Hendry’s evil streak was really what I wanted to see from the Prestige more then some of the silly things they do. I want to see them all look dangerous. It was kinda hard to watch but I think they NEED to be like that instead of in some of the pointless matches they are in. I really want to see the mean streak in Hendry keep going.

Just absolutely everything about the match was what I like. I like storytelling, I like drama. It might not have been the best wrestling match but it cemented Hendry as a utterly unlikable person who would end careers if it meant getting his hands on what he wanted. Striker leaving the title and yelling at the ref because he was so angry at the end of the match just made it even better.

Absolutely perfect match.


Stu Bennett is still the one thing I love most in the world. His whole “I have no time for that I’d rip his mask off” comment made me giggle. I want to see him on the commentary table more often. I said it in the No Regrets review but what I really loved about his commentary was that he wasn’t just a heel commentator. I mean he was but he gave the actual inner thinking of different types of heels. Why would this guy do this, how do they work. Him and Striker gave so much amazing insight into what was really happening in the ring it was a wonderful experience.

Actually think this has been the best qualifier since the English one. I liked how it actually turned my thoughts on Lucha Libre on their head. I enjoyed all the matches to a degree, a few that weren’t so great in there. Can’t wait to see Penta advance and what is next for Mysterio.

For me though it was the main event that really did its job. It was dramatic, it ended a week long dream title reign from the fans favourite at the hands of WCPWs new monster. Galloway was able to beat people up in a wrestling match and absolutely dominate it and now Hendry is going to take on the monster side of it in a different way.

Still loving the World Cup every show so far has been pretty fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

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